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Customize your Christmas ornaments!

Ornaments are a key element in our Christmas decoration, however we use the same ones year after year. So, wouldn’t it be a good idea to customize them? Like that, we can get some creative and new ornaments from our old ones.

It’s really easy to make our classical Christmas ornaments look more modern. You can roll them with wool of your favorite color or decorative ribbon. Anything that comes to your mind, just use your imagination and you’ll see how many cool ornaments you can do. Use some glue, so that the material you use gets attached perfectly. You can use white, red and green since they are the most characteristic colors during Christmas. You can also create beautiful designs with polka dots, hearts, etc.

Our traditional decoration may look great since it feels like Christmas, but we can give it a change and make it more modern without missing this Christmas touch. Moreover, if our home is decorated in a modern way it will fit perfectly. Nowadays, there are Christmas ornaments of every style, so why don’t we try a new one?

Choose the ornaments you like the less and customize them and they’ll look more creative and gorgeous. If you like handcrafting, you’ll have a great time decorating your home for Christmas. And if you have children, you can spend some time with them making these ornaments since they usually love handcrafting and enjoy it a lot.

Via navidad.es

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