15 ideas for organising nail polishes

Nail polishes can sometimes become a chaos if we don’t find the way of organising them, specially if you have a lot of nail polishes. However, the task of organising nail polishes is not so complicated, we just need to find a simple and decorative solution. For doing so, today, we bring you 15 ideas for organising nail polishes.


When you have a lot of nail polishes at home, it comes the moment when you don’t know where to place all of them. If you want to get some inspiration for organising your nail polishes and even creating a cute decoration with them, check out the 15 ideas for organising nail polishes that we’re going to share in this post. These simple ideas will make it easier and you won’t need to spend a lot of money on it, you just can take advantage of the resources you have at home.

1 Use a shoes organising bag for organising nail polishes


2 Narrow shelves for having your nail polishes at hand reach


3 A decorative way of organising nail polishes


4 Divide a box in several compartments and decorate it


5 Use a transparent shelf


6 Like this, you’ll know the colour without checking every nail polish


7 Metallic shelf for keeping the nail polishes you use the most


8 Create your own artwork with nail polishes


9 Keep a lot of nail polishes in small shelves


10 Use a restored piece of furniture


11 Glue a magnet to every nail polish


12 Create a hidden shelf for your nail polishes


13 Mini shelves on one side of a bookcase


14 Triangle shelves: a very decorative option


15 If you just have a few nail polishes…


You don’t need getting too complicated, look for a place you like and use it for organising your nail polishes.

We hope you found these ideas for organising your nail polishes useful.

Source: dominio mundial

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