5 tips for creating a romantic bathroom decoration

Calmness, elegance, delicate tones and noble materials is everything you need to create a romantic bathroom decoration. It will be a temple where relaxing.

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The bathroom is one of the most important spaces of your home. Therefore, you should decorate it according to your tastes in order to enjoy it. If you like elegant and cozy environments, you’ll love the ideas we’ll suggest you today. Some tips for creating a romantic bathroom decoration.

When renovating the bathroom, you should not only think about the functionality but also about creating a lovely atmosphere where you feel at ease. Take a look to these 5 tips for creating a romantic bathroom decoration for achieving a relaxing and intimate environment in your bathroom.

Contrast of colours in your romantic bathroom decoration

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For getting a calm bathroom you should have into account different aspects. Avoid extremely bright colours, even if they are modern and full of life, they don’t fit in romantic and quiet spaces.

If you’re looking for a delicate and romantic bathroom decoration, it’s better that you choose white or pale colour walls and create contrast with dark wooden furniture. You can find a classic or a modern decoration. Design furniture could be a good option for providing your romantic bathroom with elegance and personality.

Delicate facings and coverings

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Soft tones should always come first. Choose tiles for wet zones such as the shower’s walls and paint the rest of the bathroom with anti-humidity paint. As in the picture above, you can also opt for a skirting board with varnished tiles for half of the wall.

For the flooring, ceramic tiles are a great idea! They will provide a lot of charm, warmness and sensuality to your romantic bathroom decoration.

A free-standing bath, quite a classic

romantic-bathroom-decoration4Source: Grohe

A free-standing bath is one of the most romantic options you can choose. It’s a classic element for a romantic bathroom decoration. However, it takes a lot of time, so if you have a small bathroom, it may require a lot of creativity to make the most of the space in order to introduce this kind of bathtub.

This kind of bathtubs are a dream for many of us and it doesn’t necessarily involve a retro or vintage bathtub. There are free-standing baths with very modern designs that will captivate you.

Dressing table

romantic-bathroom-decoration5Source: Grohe

A dressing table is also a classic of romantic bathroom decorations. It’s very girly and it can provide a very delicate touch to the space. And if you think it’s too much, you can also opt for more modern designs, like the one in the picture, for completing your romantic bathroom decoration.

Don’t forget about the details

romantic-bathroom-decoration6Source: Grohe

The smallest details sometimes are the most important ones and they can define your bathroom’s style. For example, a crystal lamp can provide a very classic touch or a fresh flowers pot. Perfumes, scented candles or decorated pots can also be very romantic details.

These are just some ideas, but there are many resources and possibilites for creating the most romantic bathroom decoration. What do you think? Are you already inspired for creating your own romantic bathroom decoration? Share your ideas with us!

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