A modern house in London that will inspire you

Some houses are a source of inspiration, in this case, we hope this modern house in London created by Daniel Lee inspire your home decoration. Daniel Lee decided to remodel a house from the end of the 19th century and the result is inspiring.

A superb remodelling project 

modern-house-LondonSource: Remodelista

Daniel Lee, an expert of the digital world, took on the challenge of remodelling a 19th century’s house.

modern-house-London2Source: Remodelista

When all necessary documents were ready, he started working with the builder, designed the interior arrangement, thought about the materials, the accessories, etc. As a result, he achieved a very special, calm and warm house with truly modern and organised look.

Ground floor decoration

The spaces on the ground floor of this recycled house from the 19th century, such as the living room or the dinning room, open to the garden. The floors are built with oak’s wood by Dinesen.

modern-house-London12Source: Remodelista

Cupboards for storage

modern-house-London4Source: Remodelista

The kitchen is decorated with cupboard for storage that combine perfectly with the decoration. The cupboards are made of wood and black steel frames on their vertical sides.

modern-house-London5Source: Remodelista

They’ve used some of the kitchen utensils as part of the decoration on the shelf above the sink. The countertops are made of limestone and every detail of the space is careful chosen for creating a clam, modern and warm atmosphere.

modern-house-London7Source: Remodelista

modern-house-London9Source: Remodelista

modern-house-London10Source: Remodelista

The design of this house is simple. They’ve chosen white and wood as the main elements of the walls decoration.

modern-house-London8Source: Remodelista

Natural light

modern-house-London11Source: Remodelista

Big windows are one of the main features of this house decoration and it avoids lighting up the lamps during the day.

Bathroom decoration

modern-house-London3Source: Remodelista

modern-house-London17Source: Remodelista

The bathroom keeps the style of the rest of the house and the importance of the wood is remarkable. This recycled housed from the 19th century keeps the relevance of the wood as part of the decoration.

White and simplicity

modern-house-London13Source: Remodelista

modern-house-London14Source: Remodelista

Organisation, white tones, wood and simplicity in general are the main features of this remodelled house. The spaces are wide and not overloaded, which creates a fantastic modern and cosy effect.

Antique details among the decoration

There are also some details that remind us to the old 19th century house and it provides a very special touch to the decoration.

modern-house-London6Source: Remodelista

modern-house-London15Source: Remodelista

Simple shelves filled with old books. The wooden shelves in combination wit the black steel legs create a gorgeous effect in contrast with white walls.

modern-house-London16Source: Remodelista

The combination of some antique pieces of furniture and decorative elements, with the simplicity of white tones create a wonderful house. This modern house is a source of inspiration for creating original decorations combining new and antique elements. The key for achieving quite a calm and organised decoration is the perfect choice of the colours. The combination of light tones of wood and the predominance of white tones is essential in this modern house decoration.

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