Animal decor

Good morning everyone! Today we want to talk about the decoration using animal shapes and patterns.

If you love animals, today we will show you some ideas to include them in your décor so that all your guests know how you are and what you like.

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Including animals in your décor is a trend nowadays, like animal print in fashion. That’s why we can find a lot of different things to include in our décor.

It is about choosing the right things to complement our current décor. We have a wide range of things so we have to think about which ones that adapt better to our style and preferences.

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We have to be moderate in this style if we don’t want our house to look like a jungle.

Look for ornaments, textiles or furniture , you have endless possibilities, but remember having control.

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We need to have some equilibrium in our décor, if we want to include this kind of style then we have to use simple lines in our furniture or other ornaments.

The animals more used are normally fishes, butterflies and birds, but there are some other options.

animal decor 1

So if you want to have a different décor, include animals on it!

Via: Decoración 2.0

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