Hundreds of construction companies showcase 21st-century advancements in Madrid.

After the celebration of five editions, this major event not to be missed for the construction and interior design sector will take place once again in Madrid. The headquarters of the ONCE Foundation will host different debates on accessibility, sustainability, and Artificial Intelligence. Antonio Domínguez, Francisco Javier Cremades, Laura García-Barrios, Conor Neill, and Albert Grau will be responsible for moderating the event.

The headquarters of the ONCE Foundation in Madrid will host a new edition of the ‘Prescription Meetings S. XXI’, must-attend events for the construction and interior design sector organized precisely “to walk together in the transformation of construction”. After the celebration of five editions of these meetings, a new round in Madrid is coming to try to focus on the world of prescription, bringing together numerous experts and leaders of different companies in the sector.

The ‘Prescription S. XXI’ meetings are an initiative launched in Pamplona in 2019 by Antonio Domínguez, Business development Director at DOMO by Indalsu, Arkaitz Aguirre, International Business Developer at Griesser Spain, and Koldo Monreal, CEO of Onhaus. Currently, the Prescription S. XXI Group includes more than a hundred professionals representing a similar number of companies.

This time, the day will begin with “Accessibility, a quality issue”, as the main theme of the debate moderated by Francisco Javier Cremades. Next will be the turn of Laura García-Barrios, who will try to lead the debate and interventions around “Artificial Intelligence and Architecture: from conceptualization to reality”. The space where “Sustainability and fire protection, do they progress aligned?” will be discussed, will be moderated by Albert Grau. In the case of Antonio Domínguez, he will be in charge of leading the space titled “Decalogue of prescription”, while Conor Neill will close the day with the last panel addressing the theme “Leading from purpose”.

The figure of the specifier is a highly demanded profile. They are highly technical professionals who provide great advantages to companies that bet on them, advantages that are reflected in business development as well as in sales. It is an added value both in the positioning of the company and the product because the accompaniment throughout the product’s life cycle is what makes the difference and endures over time. Hence, many companies are part of the collective and will attend the Madrid meeting.

Specifically, the upcoming edition in Madrid will feature representatives from well-established companies such as Eibho, Buo Home, Griesser, Hyline, DOMO by Indalsu, Aesso, Maldonado Smart, Security Concept Developer, Instraset, ISO Chemie, Kapturall, Knauf Insulation, LG, Onhaus, Procomsa, PAEE, Meta Consulting Solutions, Findernet, Grupo Prescriptor, SgARQ, Rockwool, Sombrah, Somfy, The Adecco Group, Varquitectos, BMI / Chova, Zehnder, AAFF Arquitectos, Caledonian, Incerco, Inmat, Metapolis, Siemens, Leds C4, Ciare, DMDVA, Proarquitectura, Componentes y unidades constructivas, NAN, Erro y Eugui, COAATM, Viguetas Navarras, Klartek Vidrio, Sika, Arquima, Inhaus, Belén Villalvilla, Aenor, Louvelia, CICNA, Persax, Font Design Group, Hormipresa, Lignum Tech, Anusol, URSA, Siles 31, Duravit, Set Modular System, CTEEP, Cosentino, Termochip, Ursa, Loxam-Hune, La pinturería, SIM 10 Energía, Armangué, Show2be, Fermax, Aszende, Evowall, Medgon, La ebanistería, Simona Garufi Studio, Acieroid, Salvi Lighting, Manni Green Tech, Javier Sancho, Ejot Ibérica, Martínez & Seuba, Aliaxis, Energreen Design, Mocaplast, Discesur, or Barnaglass, among others.

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