New Summer Delights at La Rollerie: Irresistible Flavors.

The La Rollerie restaurant chain, owned by the Inversiones Venespor restaurant group, presented today, in its 12 restaurants, the gastronomic novelties for this summer.

With a proposal designed to combat the heat and provide an unparalleled culinary experience, La Rollerie has created a menu full of unique and delicious flavors, maintaining the house brand: fusion cuisine, which combines the taste of tradition with the most avant-garde and international author’s cuisine.

Committed to offering freshness and variety, La Rollerie renews its menu every six months, adapting it to seasonal products and constantly offering new proposals to its customers. “At La Rollerie, we strive to offer the best quality at affordable prices, and for this, our R+D+i team works intensively to select each recipe with great care,” said Emanuele Tripodi, Executive Chef of the company.

In this new summer menu, La Rollerie has sought to surprise with its new and delicious starters, such as its Cherry Gazpacho, served with pickles and a touch of dill, or its Foie Gras Sandwich, with cream cheese, arugula, and apple.

This proposal is followed by a wide variety of main dishes, among which its new Crepe-Canneloni Stuffed with Pulled Pork gratin in Rossini foie sauce stands out; its Seafood Casserole and prawns, traditional from southern France with crème fraîche and barley; Aged Beef Entrecote, accompanied by a delicate foie sauce, mushrooms, and french fries; Orly Cod on ratatouille, pan-fried potatoes and herb hollandaise; Warm Camembert Salad, with roasted seasonal vegetables and baked potatoes or its Club House Monsieur, with marinated chicken, bacon, edam cheese, red cabbage salad, and mayonnaise, gratin with bechamel, among others.

La Rollerie continues to delight with its traditional Cordon Bleu, with four irresistible versions. The Original: bathed in the distinctive Aurora sauce of bechamel and tomato, enhanced with a blend of Provencal spices; the Smoked, filled with smoked cheese and topped with an exquisite Bourbon hollandaise sauce; the Daring, with a sauté of Portobello mushrooms and a soft black truffle sauce, an option for the most daring palates, and its novelty, the Florentine Cordon Bleu, with crème fraiche, red pesto cream, arugula and nuts.

In its creative reinterpretation of the famous Eggs Benedict, La Rollerie has added an irresistible option: the Parisienne. This delicious dish is served with smoked cheese, crispy bacon, poached egg, an irresistible hollandaise sauce, and crispy onion on a french flat croissant. A perfect combination for those looking for an exceptional breakfast or brunch.

Also, for those who like to enjoy a delicious brunch, La Rollerie offers delicious brunch every day until 4:00 pm, with options such as the Nordic Brunch, which includes benedictine eggs with smoked salmon, avocado tartare, and roasted potatoes. There is also the Healthy Choice Brunch, with rye toast, creamy scrambled eggs, and Greek yogurt. In addition, there is the New Yorker Brunch, with pastrami burger, and the Iberian Brunch, with fried eggs on broken potatoes and Iberian ham.

And, thinking of those who like to save room for dessert, the company has a special recommendation: its Lotus Tiramisu or its traditional towers of one, two, or three cinnamon Rolls, which continue to be the stars of the menu, with specialties such as choco-hazelnut, dulce de leche, kinder, strawberry coulis, maple, white chocolate, Lotus, original frosting, etc., services with whipped cream, syrups and toppings to choose from.

La Rollerie offers its customers the opportunity to enjoy all these delights in establishments decorated to the standard of the best venues in the country, and with a wide schedule that covers from breakfast to dinner and even during cocktail hours. Summer nights are the perfect occasion to indulge in the company of their mixed drinks and cocktails, and among the refreshing options stands out their frozen Green Apple and Basil Daiquiri.

La Rollerie is a restaurant chain of Inversiones Venespor, a group that currently has 24 locations of the Canel Rolls brand (ten units); La Rollerie (with twelve) and also has two Roll Station restaurant-cafés.

These dishes are just a sample of the numerous culinary proposals that La Rollerie has prepared for this season. Customers will be able to enjoy an unparalleled gastronomic experience, where creativity and quality intertwine in each dish.

With a team of close to 60 professionals and over two decades of experience in the hospitality and restaurant sector, the group offers all the necessary services to boost the launch of a new business. This includes expansion, initial and ongoing training, research and development (R+D), franchisee assistance, real estate management, marketing, and human resources, among other fundamental aspects. The company has central kitchens of 600m2 located in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, and is in the process of building a new headquarters.

Source: MiMub in Spanish

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