Printing houses, trend in China

Printing houses is already a reality in China; it’s about houses made with a giant 3D printer. This new technology is one of the biggest progresses that links 3D printing to architecture. Up to now, 10 houses have been printed thanks to the use of recycled materials and it barely took one day for each one. The company Shanghai WinSun Design Engineering Co has got this initiative off the ground.

printing houses

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Some photos that show the way of using the elements to make a 3D printed house have already appeared. It’s evident that the materials used dry fast otherwise it wouldn’t be viable. The pieces are assembled later to obtain the houses. To be able to print every part it was necessary a huge 3D printer.

The printer is 32 meters length, 6,6 meters height and 10 meters width. The houses can cover an area of 200 meters squared and they are exhibited in the district of Qingpu in Shanghai. This work is made with special ink obtained from recycled construction and industrial waste. The fabrication of theses houses is not much laborious and they are very inexpensive. The company is hopeful of the possibility that this technology could provide a home to a lot of people that can’t have it because of their economic problems.

The company noted that the different parts of the printer were bought abroad and they were united in a factory of Suzhou. Like that, they could get the huge 3D printed structure, a green and low-cost machine. The next step would be building a new whole villa with this technology. This requires around 100 recycling factories to keep collecting and transforming wastes in ink for the huge 3D printer.

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