Black and White geometry in a Moscow apartment

Located in Moscow, this apartment was a Project of Geometrix Design. The inside is simple and futuristic. The only colors used are black and whate, what makes the decoration even more minimalistic. The apartment has 130 square meters. It is part of a residential area called Axioma. The name gave the team the perfect idea for the design. They imagined

An old barn turned into a Scandinavian Style house

The architects of the Czech studio OOOOX think up a plan to transform an old wooden barn into their own house and they called it BOOOOX barn. After a renovation of 2 years, the space was completely transformed. The exterior was painted in black and the inside has a very clear Scandinavian style. They put a new insulating structure and

Minimalistic apartment with a fresh and cozy design

When the owners of this loft asked for a minimalistic, modern and fresh interior design to Rado Rick Designers, they had a really clear idea in mind. The vision of the designers influenced a lot the amazing result of this loft. This apartment located in Bratislava, Slovakia  has an open design, as the owners wanted. To get this, the designers

DIY, bottle decoration (Part 2)

DIY is a trend right now, not only because it is cheap, but also because it is a way to create beautiful and unique things that match perfectly to your tastes. You won’t spend a lot of time and you’ll have awesome results, Sounds interesting right? The  keep reading! It is hard to believe that with few resources we can

Diy mugs

Waking up early and seeing a beautiful mug full of very hot coffee is the best way to start the day. Of course all mugs have the same function, but a beautiful one can make you see the world more beautiful. If it has a beautiful message it can make you smile from the very first moment of the day.

Nordic-style apartment

Good morning everyone! Today we want to share with you some ideas to have a nordic style apartment, so that’s why we have brought here some pictures of a nordic apartment very well-decorated. I personally love the simplicity of this kind of style and how it covers everything in white. You can also combine black and white to make the

Colors for your baby’s bedroom

If you are going to have a baby soon I’m sure you want to have everything in order when the baby comes. It is normal being busy at that time with the baby’s bedroom, thinking about the color that best fits your place. Today we bring here some ideas to help you so that you choose your favorite one. Grey

Black and white kids decor

Do you want to have a different and chic bedroom for your kids? Then you must try black and white decor. You don’t have to be afraid of black in your kids decoration. If you use it well and combine it with soft colors, you can have a very cool effect and make the difference, running away from more classic

Black and white stripes decor

Today we are going to talk about the use of black and White stripes to decorate different spaces. The main advantage of this kind of décor is that you can do it yourself and it is an easy technique. Besides, it is cheap and it will only take you a couple of hours. Black and white stripes match well with

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