Put a locker in your home

Lockers are not a place to store just your books. They are normally used in your school or changing room but they can have much more uses. You can also use them to store other things or as a decorative element. Industrial and vintage look are a clear trend right now. Vintage lockers can be the best decorative element if

My favorite online decoration shops

It is the time to same money, time and effort buying in the best online decoration shops. Today I’ll show you my favorite ones! Decoration world is changing. I’ve always loved old pieces of furniture instead of modern and bar quality ones. But now decoration is not something expensive and price is not always directly related with quality. You can

Two ideas for recycling old suitcases for decorating

Old suitcases are wonderful articles for creating attractive decorative complements or even pieces of furniture. Today, we bring you two ideas for recycling old suitcases for decorating your home. These two ideas for recycling old suitcases will provide a different touch to your home. Do you need a new armchair or a new table? Check out the following article! As you

How to renovate a clock for a vintage decoration

Renovating a clock is an easy, cheap and fast DIY project and the results will be perfect a vintage decoration. That’s why today, we bring you some tips about how to renovate a clock for a vintage decoration. Any decoration of your home can be more beautiful if it includes DIY elements, especially if those have a gorgeous and unique

Industrial decor in modern living-rooms

Industrial style is so cool nowadays, and if there is one space where it looks even better, that’s the living-room. Today we want to show you all the things of industrial décor that we can use to decorate a modern living-room. In the 20th century, there was a big event in New York that gave birth to the so-called industrial

Hipster indoor decor

One of the last trends is Hipster style and it has also influence our decoration, do you want to know how? One of this year’s decoration trends is that that comes close to the independent music, the minorities and an alternative way of life. It has a nostalgic character and vintage touches, with a lot of personality In this post

Decorate with mugs

Coffee lovers, today is your lucky day! We are bringing here a DIY Project about how to decorate with mugs. I personally love coffee, tea and infusions and also all the accessories around them especially beautiful mugs. If you are passionate about coffee, I want to tell you about how to decorate any place of your home with coffee mugs.

Pop art decoration

If you love colors and decoration, this article may interest you. Here you have a trend that is so cool right now, Why not to decorate with Pop Art? We have already told you some things about other kinds of décor like vintage, retro, etc. Today we are going to show you another trend that is not new but is

How to decorate with zinc ornaments

Buckets, watering cans, vases… Zinc rustic ornaments are a must in country décor. Look for some you like and include them in your decor, they’ll look amazing. Zinc objects used to be present in all houses, but they were used as daily tools, not as decorative elements. Today we can use them as elements to give a lot of personality

How to decorate your bedroom with a vintage style

There are some decoration styles that are always in, this is the case of vintage decoration. If you like old stuff, then this is your style. If you want to have a vintage style in your bedroom, then keep reading these ideas. Talking about the colors, try to make a good color combination. For example, If you use a light

Some vintage decorating ideas

Vintage is quite trendy lately, that’s why we want to share with you some vintage decorating ideas. This style is original, one-of-a-kind and personal. Vintage is a mix of an innovative and old-fashioned style at the same time. Vintage decoration provides romanticism and warmth to any space. It can make your home look simply charming with its warm tones and

Decorate with stripping painted furniture

For getting a truly vintage style at home, the stripping effect for your furniture is ideal! Stripping painted furniture will give your home an antique and even shabby chic style, which is a complete trend lately… Old-fashioned designs are back in fashion and the stripping effect for your furniture is definitely a superb option to create a gorgeous antique decoration

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