Teka extends its product warranty to 5 years to celebrate its centennial.

In the year 2024, the company Teka celebrates 100 years of life, and to celebrate, it has just extended the warranty of a selection of featured products to 5 years. This includes more than 60 models of ovens, cooktops, and vertical hoods that will have an extension for free. Among these models are SteakMaster, MaestroPizza, AirFry, or the company’s latest release, the MestrePaeller induction cooktop, which includes an XL zone of 32 centimeters.

With this promotion, Teka wants to demonstrate its commitment to the quality and durability of its products, providing its customers with the peace of mind and security they deserve when purchasing any of these 60+ models. The promotion will be valid until June 30, 2024, and to activate it, it will be necessary to access the website www.garantia5teka.com.

Furthermore, in celebration of its centenary, Teka has also launched the “Try it for 100 days” promotion, which offers the possibility to try out at home its SteakMaster, MaestroPizza, AirFry, and SteamGourmet ovens purchased before May 31. If within this 100-day period the customer is not satisfied, the company will refund the money.

Warranty of flagship products

In recent years, Teka has made a clear commitment to innovation and the launch of products with a significant design component that seek to meet the needs of the customer who conceives their home as a social and entertainment space where the kitchen becomes the true center of the home.

The promotion includes some of the oven models that exemplify this innovation and customer orientation such as SteakMaster, which includes a special function for meat lovers; AirFry, with a function for healthy frying; or MaestroPizza, which allows you to enjoy authentic Neapolitan pizza thanks to its specific function that allows it to reach 340ºC. In the field of cooktops, the promotion includes one of Teka’s latest releases, MestrePaeller, the only cooktop on the market specifically for paellas and that guides the user step by step to achieve an authentic paella valenciana.

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