Wall aquariums, the perfect solution for small spaces – Interior decoration.

In a world where living spaces are becoming increasingly smaller, custom aquarium creation companies offer an innovative solution for aquarium lovers facing the challenge of limited space: the wall aquarium. This novel design allows users to enjoy the tranquility and beauty offered by tropical freshwater fish, all without taking up valuable floor space required by traditional aquariums.

With an elegant design that can be hung on any wall like a painting, the wall aquarium not only serves as a unique and original decorative element, but also adds life and continuous movement to any room. Its cutting-edge design, combined with carefully selected lighting, makes this type of aquarium the focal point in any domestic environment.

Installing the wall aquarium is surprisingly simple, thanks to a high-strength metal bracket that is secured to the wall with anchors and screws. After mounting the bracket, simply hang the aquarium, fill it with water, plug it in, and add the fish. In addition, the aquarium is equipped with an electronic system that controls all the variables necessary to maintain the ideal environment for the fish, such as filtration, oxygenation, temperature, and lighting, simplifying its maintenance.

Wall aquarium in living room

Unlike traditional aquariums, the wall aquarium only takes up 10 centimeters of thickness, eliminating the need for dedicated space on the floor or additional furniture. This makes it an ideal option for those who want to integrate tropical fish into their homes but are limited by the size of their living spaces. There are also larger options available that can be integrated into any wall.

The aquarium also comes with a complete accessory kit that includes a net, sponge, cloth, telescopic clamp, filter pads, gravel, and fish food, further facilitating its maintenance. The only thing customers need to purchase separately are the fish, which are available at pet stores where experts can advise on the most suitable types for local water and specific care requirements.

This type of wall aquarium is not only a practical solution for space issues, but also acts as a relaxing and entertaining element that enhances any environment. With its ability to blend art, design, and ecology, the wall aquarium is becoming a prominent trend in modern home decor.

Source: Opendeco, decoration news in Spanish

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