10 Reasons why you should start knitting sooner than later

Some people say that “knitting is the new yoga“. You may have heard about the advantages of the wool therapy, the International Day of Knitting in Public or the knitted blankets for Syria made in Spain. You may probably wondering about where this obsession about knitting comes from, since knitting is a traditional activity usually performed by grandmas that it is becoming very popular nowadays. What is about knitting that everyone becomes addicted to it? Find out the reasons why you should start knitting sooner than later!

1. Keep calm and knit

Knitting is extremely relaxing, even if it doesn’t look like it at the beginning. When you start focusing on the stitches, the rows… the worlds seems to disappear because this task requieres all your concentration.

The sound of the needles movement is addictive, it doesn’t matter if they’re made of wood or metal. The rhythm makes you forget about anything that worries you during the day and for a while, you just focus on building gorgeous creations without missing a stitch. Moreover, if you find a comfortable and cosy space where nobody can bother you, the experience is totally pleasant!


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2. A pleasure that grows when you share it

Knitting is fun and relaxing and it’s even better if you share it with other people. You can knit while you enjoy a warm talk, find knitting groups and share new ideas with other knitters.


3. Knitting increases happiness

The knitter enjoys the project as much as the person that receives it. Investing time in creating unique objects and clothes will make you see life from a more positive point of view.


4. Knitting also increases your self-esteem

There isn’t a better feeling that wearing a piece of clothing that you have made yourself. You know how much time and effort this takes and you feel proud of being able to create such beautiful projects. Knitting clothes or objects for your or your relatives makes you feel proud, satisfied and capable of anything. Furthermore, wearing a unique piece will make you feel special.

5. Health benefits

According to a study from the Mayo clinic in Minnesotta, carrying out an artistic activity decreases in a 73% the probability of suffering from dementia or memory loss. Knitting is considered an artistic activity and such is the conviction of the clinic that they organise one meeting a week for knitting and sewing pieces of clothing for the clinic’s patients.


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6. It’s addictive

Once you’ve started knitting, you can’t stop creating and creating new projects. You can increase the difficulty of the projects, combine colours, stitches, kinds of wool and even starting several projects at a time. Without noticing it, you’ll start knitting anywhere and anytime.



7. Your clothing and home decoration will be unique

You’ll have unique pieces made with love and probably imperfect. Nobody will have the same decoration or the same piece of clothing that you do, because you’ve carefully created and chosen them. If you want some ideas for your home decoration, you can check out the projects suggested by We are Knitters or Katia.

8. Choosing wool is like getting lost in Amazon

And it’s not a joke. You’ll go crazy and you’ll want to take all the wool and accessories that go with it. You won’t know which colour choose and you’ll start buying wool just in case you’ll finally need it for this or that project. You’ll end with a lot of wool balls, needles and accessories and the new project will probably be looking for original ideas for organising all those tools, so that your knitting space doesn’t look like a haberdashery.

reasons why you should start knitting sooner than later

9. Your gifts will be the most original ones

Your gifts will be unique and the most important, personalised. People will love that you’ve thought of something they might like and that you have taken your time to create it for them.


10. It’s trendy

Knitting has become a trend and a proof is that even celebrities are becoming addicted to knitting, such as Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta-Jones or Sarah Jessica Parker.

Moreover, as you go down the street, you’ll see more and more knitters with flashy needles, fashionable wool and knit patterns that go beyond the traditional conception of knitting.

reasons why you should start knitting sooner than later

After all this, are you already thinking about adopting knitting as your healthy addiction? If you are already a knitting addicted, don’t hesitate about sharing your projects with us. We love discovering new ideas!

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