Premium wooden prefabricated housing for less than 10,000 euros.

At the heart of architectural innovation, an accessible and eco-friendly solution has emerged that could revolutionize the housing market: the “premium” prefabricated wooden house. This model of home, which surprises both for its price and quality, has captured attention due to its cost of less than 10,000 euros, a detail that makes the possibility of acquiring a decent home within

Vulnerability in Chrome: RCE Exploitation Through Duplicate Object Properties

In March 2024, a researcher reported two critical vulnerabilities in Chrome’s JavaScript engine, v8, classified as CVE-2024-3833 and CVE-2024-3832. Both vulnerabilities, which allowed remote code execution (RCE) when visiting a malicious site, were fixed with the update to version 124.0.6367.60/.61 of the browser. Specifically, vulnerability CVE-2024-3833 stemmed from an object corruption flaw that allowed for the creation of duplicate properties

Samsung unveils its Olympic and Paralympic campaign as the countdown to Paris 2024 begins.

Less than 100 days to go until the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Samsung Electronics, a global partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, has officially launched its “Open always wins” campaign. This initiative celebrates the shared values of openness that the brand has in common with the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Additionally, Samsung announced the grand opening of its Olympic™️

Empowering Everyone with GenAI: Rapid Creation, Customization, and Secure Deployment of Apps at AWS New York Summit.

In a bold move towards the future of automated work, Amazon has revealed a series of new capabilities that allow organizations to harness generative artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance efficiency and innovation. At the AWS New York Summit event, tools and applications were announced that are designed to transform the way businesses operate and develop custom AI applications. Amazon’s offerings

Discover funding opportunities for research projects on rare diseases within the framework of the PERTE for cutting-edge health.

The grants for research projects on rare diseases within the Framework Program for Cutting-Edge Health in 2024 are an initiative of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, managed through the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII). This call, endowed with 20 million euros, is designed to promote research and innovation in the healthcare sector, specifically in the field of rare

Increased Risks of Poverty and Social Exclusion for Children in 2023, Global Report Warns

In 2023, nearly 20 million children in the European Union were at risk of poverty or social exclusion, according to the latest available data. This concerning statistic represented 24.8% of minors under the age of 18 in the region, remaining relatively stable compared to the previous year, with a slight increase of 0.1 percentage points. Nationally, the highest values of

10 essential tips for building AI applications using GPT-4 mini

In a significant effort to make artificial intelligence more accessible, OpenAI has unveiled its most affordable and smallest model to date: GPT-4o mini. This release represents a major shift and aims to expand the number of developers and applications leveraging AI technology. According to OpenAI, GPT-4o mini will allow for “significantly expanding the range of applications built with AI by

Menamobel’s Best Tips for Choosing the Perfect Hallway

The entrance hall is the first impression that visitors have when arriving at a house, so it is important to choose the right furniture to reflect the style and personality. With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect entrance hall furniture, but with these tips from Menamobel, homeowners can choose the one that

TuTECHÔ joins BME Growth on April 26th.

The Board of Directors of BME Growth has approved the inclusion of tuTECHÔ on April 26th, after carefully evaluating the documentation submitted by the company and receiving a favorable report from the Market Coordination and Listings Committee. This is the first company to join this market in 2024 and the first social impact SOCIMI to do so. The Board of

MyColchón opens a new store in Antequera.

MyMattress, the leading store in rest products, establishes itself in the heart of Andalusia with the opening of its new store in Antequera. Aware of the importance of a good rest for a full and productive life, MyMattress arrives in this city to offer an experience of absolute comfort to its inhabitants. This Malaga-based firm, backed by four decades of

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