Customize Christmas ornaments!

Ornaments are a key element in our Christmas decoration, however we use the same ones year after year. So, wouldn’t it be a good idea to customize Christmas ornaments? Like that, we can get some creative and new ornaments from our old ones. It’s really easy to make our classical Christmas ornaments look more modern. You can roll them with

A house made of recycled pallets

For the construction of this house the main material used was recycled pallets. It is a material that has allowed the owner to reach its expectations at the same time he’s saving costs. It is more and more common nowadays when it gets time to construct to look for alternatives to save money maintaining the quality. In this sense, the

Decorating with recycled wooden boxes

The perfect DIY Project for recycling and designing; today we want to tell you how to decorate every space with recycled wooden boxes. Take some inspiration and start your own project! It is the perfect DIY Project for your bedroom that will help you being organize and at the same time it will make you have an awesome decor. Chaos

Decorating with eco lamps

Today we want to show you how you can easily decorate with eco lamps. It doesn’t matter if they are made of paper, organic material or they are very efficient, the important thing is decorating at the same time you are eco-friendly. Nowadays, decorating with recycled objects is a trend. It is basically taking objects that we don’t use anymore

20 ideas for recycling and decorating with pallets

Handcrafts and DIY projects are a trend lately and they’re also a great way of recycling. DIY projects help us giving a second chance to objects and materials we don’t need any more. We can reuse crystal bottles for creating beautiful jars, umbrellas for making lamps or fabrics we aren’t going to use for making handcrafts such as DIY pincushions. Today,

Ideas to decorate low cost bedside panels

You don’t have to invest a huge amount of money to have a beautiful decoration. That’s what we are going to show you today, how? With beautiful low cost bedside panels. Today we are going to show you that it is possible to make bedside panels in a cheap way. Apart from that, as it is a DY project, you

Two ideas for recycling old suitcases for decorating

Old suitcases are wonderful articles for creating attractive decorative complements or even pieces of furniture. Today, we bring you two ideas for recycling old suitcases for decorating your home. These two ideas for recycling old suitcases will provide a different touch to your home. Do you need a new armchair or a new table? Check out the following article! As you

Recycled tyres for your flowers

Decorating with recycled objects is in fashion. It’s a trend that even some interior designers have used in their creations. Today, following this recycling trend, we want to share with you an idea for using recycled tyres for your flowers in the garden. Decorating with recycled objects is a great idea for saving some money at the same time that

Ideas for recycling wooden ladders

Today, we bring you a serie of ideas for recycling wooden ladders in order to create beautiful decorative elements that are also functional. If you have some old wooden ladders at home that you don’t use anymore, don’t throw them away. You can take advantage of them reusing them in other spaces of your home. In a bedroom, a wooden ladder can

Creative ideas made with Wood.

With some imagination and the following DIY projects you can add a Nordic look to your décor. If you are looking for creative ideas with wood, a main material in Nordic decoration, here you have some ideas to include it in your décor in different ways. If you want to know them, keep reading! Wooden letters Decorating with letters is

Ideas for decorating with recycled objects

There are many ways for taking care of the environment and fight against climate change, and these ideas for decorating with recycled objects are some of them. The custom of recycling is not only about taking care of the environment, but also about taking advantage of old objects and having fun. We can look for original ideas to transform old

4 ideas to recycle a piece of rope

Do you know what creative recycling is? It is a different way of understanding life, including home décor. There are a lot of ways to recycle old things to give them a second chance. Today we want to show you how to how to recycle a piece of rope to decorate your home. This piece of rope can turn into

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