4 ideas to recycle a piece of rope

Do you know what creative recycling is? It is a different way of understanding life, including home décor. There are a lot of ways to recycle old things to give them a second chance. Today we want to show you how to how to recycle a piece of rope to decorate your home.

Source: Upcycled Treasures
Source: Upcycled Treasures

This piece of rope can turn into a very original decorative element. It has that natural touch that looks so special. For that, using it to restore furniture or to incorporate it in your décor will always be a good idea.

Decorate the handles of a piece of furniture, a lamp or a mirror. These ideas to recycle a piece of rope can have amazing results. If you don’t believe it, keep reading.

Recycle it to make a nautical mirror
Source: Upcycled Treasures
Source: Upcycled Treasures

If you are tired of seeing the same boring mirror in your wall but you don’t want to get rid of it, think about how to renovate it. Here you have a great idea, you can give it a nautical look (very decorative in summer ) decorating the frame with rope.

This idea, apart from being very decorative is very easy to make. You just need a piece of rope, a glue gun, scissors and a screwdriver.

Source: Upcycled Treasures
Source: Upcycled Treasures

The first step is painting the frame of the mirror in white. In that way we prepare the base in which we are going to put the rope.  Measure the diameter of the mirror to cut the pieces of rope you are going to need. It is important to cut the extremes of the rope in diagonal so that the union of the ropes looks insignificant.

Then you have to glue the rope, you have to repeat the process with all the pieces of rope. Easy and fast, isn’t it?

The last step is covering the joints of the rope with a decorative element. In this case we have used a thinner rope, as you can see in the final result. Then you can hang the mirror in your wall and enjoy it!

Decorative ideas for recycling

That was just one of the endless ideas that we can find when thinking about recycling rope. It is really cool right now and it is easy to find it everywhere. We have seen them in lamps, towel holders or in shelves, there are a lot of ideas to inspire you if you want to use this idea.

Source: Design & DIY Magazine
Source: Design & DIY Magazine

In this case I want to show you some ideas that are really original. The first one is a panel to separate ambiences. There are some times in which we want to separate spaces but not with a wall. This is the perfect solution, it is a false separation that makes a division but let the light enter.

A great way of dividing the space without sacrificing light is putting ropes from the floor to the ceiling forming a panel, Original, isn’t it?

Also for the ornaments

We all know the importance of the ornaments in the decoration. They are the thing that makes our space authentic. That’s why personalizing them is the best way to project our character in our home.

Source: Design & DIY Magazine
Source: Design & DIY Magazine

In that sense, here you have some ideas to decorate ornaments with a rope. If you have pieces of rope you can stick them around bowls to place small things. You can also sew the rope, but it is more difficult. If you use old ropes with natural look, the result will be amazing.

Source: Design & DIY Magazine
Source: Design & DIY Magazine

Another suggestion is sticking rope around cans. In that way you’ll get beautiful flowerpots for your plants. Apart from recycling the rope, you’ll also recycle the cans.

Hope you liked the article. Do you know more ideas to recycle a rope?

Via: Decoración 2.0

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