15 brilliant ideas to turn your old furniture into a garden

An old piece of furniture doesn’t have to be useless, using our imagination we can reuse it and turn it into an awesome object, as you will see in the ideas we are showing you today. Use your furniture to create your garden! The pass of time is sometimes a problem in our furniture, so sooner or later, we have

15 awesome ideas for decorating our garden with recycled wood.

Good weather makes people want to use their garden or terrace, therefore in this time of the year it is important to have everything ready. If this is not your case and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, here you have some ideas for recycling wood and turn it into garden décor. There are a lot of

From trash to amazing furniture

Here in becoration we believe that trash is not trash. Everything has a second chance and if you can recycle some things you’ll not only be spending much less money but you’ll also contribute to the environmental well-being. If you are a DIY lover then you don’t have any excuse. Look at these ideas to turn your trash into amazing

Ideas to recycle old doors

DIY projects are one of my passions. I love to make things myself and if I can show them in my decoration It is even better. It makes me feel proud of what I can do. If you can do DIY projects whit recycled materials it is even better because you make beautiful projects at the same time you’re giving

Transform a ball into a flowerpot

Every day, new trends and ideas for decorating appear. Today, we want to share with you a really original idea for recycling and decorating your garden: transform a ball into a flowerpot. It is very probable that you have some old balls that you don’t use anymore at home and this creative craft will help you giving them a second

DIY projects to recycle wooden boxes

Wooden boxes, like the ones we use to transport fruits and vegetables, can have a second chance if you know how to use them. This kind of boxes can give a lot of personality to your place and we must remember that eco trend is here to stay. They are a great opportunity of getting rid of the things you

Creative ideas to reuse plastic bottles

We all have some plastic bottles in house from water, soft-drinks, etc. Today we will bring here a DIY recycle project with some creative ideas to reuse plastic bottles instead of throwing them away. We have always thought that we can turn some things into beautiful project just if we have always recycling in mind and with some creativity. Here

Brilliant ideas for recycling CDs

In Becoration we love DIY projects, that’s why we bring here all the ideas we find so that you can also enjoy making these awesome projects. When you use recycled materials in this kind of projects it is even better because you can get rid of things you don’t use anymore turning them into beautiful crafts to decorate your home

Curtain made from recycled plastic bottles

With this amazing idea, you’ll love recycling plastic bottles. This curtain made from recycled plastic bottles looks fantastic and they don’t take much effort. Recycling allows you to take advantage of every type of objects to transform them into useful and beautiful things. Today, let’s go creative with this curtain made from recycled plastic bottles!  Source: Fab Art DIY As

22 creative ideas to transform a bottle of wine into a functional masterpiece

Today, we want to show you some ideas to give your empty bottles of wine a second chance. Recycling your empty bottles of wine is easy and these crafts will look amazing at your home; they are functional, beautiful and creative. We hope that the following collection of pictures inspire you to make your own crafts with empty bottles of

Recycled decorative mirror

Today, we want to share with you this beautiful idea for recycling and making a decorative mirror you’ll be able to place anywhere at home. Using recycled materials for making crafts is quite common nowadays. The trend started more than a decade ago and it’s considered a great way of recycling and making gorgeous crafts that will make your home

Ideas for decorating a flowerpot

Today we bring here some ideas for decorating an old flowerpot, that one that looks so boring and ugly, that you don’t use anymore. If you are looking for a decorative solution to this flowerpot, here you have five that you’ll love. Do you want to know them? Decorating a flowerpot is a great solution to make your place look

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