DIY projects to recycle wooden boxes

Wooden boxes, like the ones we use to transport fruits and vegetables, can have a second chance if you know how to use them. This kind of boxes can give a lot of personality to your place and we must remember that eco trend is here to stay.

They are a great opportunity of getting rid of the things you don’t use transforming them in beautiful things to decorate your home. Here in Becoration we love DIY projects and second chances so we are going to give you a lot of ideas to avoid throwing away valuable things.

wood box 4

Wood furniture fits with almost every space. You can use it as a centerpiece, in your kitchen or even in your children’s room. I have seen this style in a lot of cool bars and restaurants lately and that served to inspire me and bring you these awesome ideas.

 To order your cleaning productswood box 0
To make a beautiful magazine rack to your living room
wood box 2
To make a beautiful centerpiece using also recycled bottles
wood box 3
To make a place to rest for your dog
wood box 5
To organize your fruits
wood box 6
To make a beautiful little stool with storage inside
wood box 7
To decorate your hall
wood box 9
To store your children’s toys
wood box 10
To order your cooking ingredients
wood box 8
To make an awesome flower centerpiece
wood box 11
To put your cushions in your living room
wood box 12
To make your mirrors look bigger
wood box 13
To make your hall be a place of storage
wood box1
To make a little wall to separate spaces
wood box3

Did you like the ideas?

Are you gong to try any project? Tell us about it!

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