How to care for indoor cacti

Taking care of indoor cacti is a rather easy task, since they don’t need too much water in comparison with other plants and they are truly resistant plants. However, it’s always useful knowing some tips to follow if we have any doubt. So, if you’d like to know something more about how to care for indoor cacti, take a look to the following tips.

Indoor cacti are ideal for people who don’t have too much free time to worry about watering and taking care of more delicate plants. An indoor cactus is always a very good choice for decorating with plants. You can use different kinds of cacti; they will look superb together, regardless of where you place them.


How to care for indoor cacti

Firstly, a very important task for keeping your indoor cacti in perfect condition is replanting it every two years. For replanting your cactus, it’s preferable that you use a clay flowerpot with a drainage hole. Add new substrate in the flowerpot and if it’s possible, add some compost with coconut fiber, leaves, bark, etc. When filling the pot with the substrate, leave 5 cm of space instead of covering it until the edge.


Secondly, watering should be scarce. With just one watering a week, your indoor cacti will look magnificent. This is a great advantage for those who travel a lot, since you can go out during several days without caring about your plants. During winter, however, it’s recommendable to make a bit more abundant watering due to the drier climate that heaters and radiators create at home. For doing so, you can water your indoor cacti (also once a week) leaving the water going out through the drainage holes. But, don’t forget checking that the substrate is quite dry on the surface to avoid over watering the flowerpot.

Finally, another important tip for taking care of your indoor cacti is that this kind of plants needs to be in well-illuminated spaces. You can place your cacti next to the window, but remember not to leave them in the sun for too many hours.

We hope you liked these few advices about how to care for indoor cacti. If you know about more tips or interesting data about indoor cacti, you can share it with us in the comments or in our Facebook page.

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