15 brilliant ideas to turn your old furniture into a garden

An old piece of furniture doesn’t have to be useless, using our imagination we can reuse it and turn it into an awesome object, as you will see in the ideas we are showing you today. Use your furniture to create your garden!

The pass of time is sometimes a problem in our furniture, so sooner or later, we have to buy new ones. Then, what do we do with that old pieces of furniture? Throwing them away may be the easiest option, but if you like recycling and restoration, we can give them a second chance. If you like what you’re reading, look at these 15 ideas we are bringing you today to turn your old furniture into something unique to decorate your garden.

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Piano fountain


Grass bed coverfurnituregarden2
Viola covered by flowersfurnituregarden3
Drawers as little gardensfurnituregarden4
Cacti chairfurnituregarden5
Bed covered by natural elementsfurnituregarden6
The flower bed, a place to dreamfurnituregarden7
Turn a writting machine into a flowerpotfurnituregarden8
A bath of flowersfurnituregarden9
Another use for a bath, the table-gardenfurnituregarden10
Garden tea partyfurnituregarden11
Green shopping cartfurnituregarden12
Another flower bedfurnituregarden13
More rustic drawerfurnituregarden14
And finally, this original sofafurnituregarden15

Via: DominioMundial

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