Impressive sustainable house built with bamboo in Bali

We’re used to see buildings made of brick or wood, but it’s not so common discovering a sustainable house built with bamboo. This material can be very resistant due to its hardness and flexibility.



The architect Elora Hardy left behind a successful career in New York to get into the construction of houses completely built with bamboo in Indonesia. This material has very particular features, since it is able to resist a lot of weight if it’s properly treated. Moreover, it grows faster than other kinds of trees.

bamboo-house3 bamboo-house4

Her team and her looked for the best methods for treating the bamboo until they found the solution. They used boron, produced naturally, to fight against the insects and avoid that they ruin the material.

bamboo-house5 bamboo-house6 bamboo-house7

According to Hardy, she inspired in her father to use bamboo for building sustainable houses. He explained to her that it was a sustainable material and it was difficult she run out of it due to its fast level of growth. Since, bamboo grows way faster than any other kind of tree.

bamboo-house8 bamboo-house9 bamboo-house10

Moreover, bamboo has a very high compressive strength and a relation resistance-wight which is very similar to steel. The main problem is the weakness to humidity and the action of insects. However, if the material is properly treated, it can last forever and you’ll be able to enjoy an amazing sustainable house like this one.

bamboo-house11 bamboo-house12

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