Tips to have a safe home for kids

Do you have small children? If the answer is yes, I’m sure you have taken some measures to make your home safer. They are trouble specialists so you have to protect them. Today we are here to tell you about the things you mustn’t forget if you don’t want to take risk.

The best way to be sure about this is to revise everything that can be potentially risky for kids. This includes some aspects of our home that we shouldn’t forget. If you spend some time to find out what those potential risks are and you erase them, you’ll be more relaxed. There are even some interesting ideas of safe decoration.

Kids are curious and they don’t see that risk, so if you want to avoid those problematic situations, here you have some tips.

Kids fences, a must in every house.


One of the fundamental things that you need to have in mind is limiting the kids access to the places in which they can fall down, like stairs (if your home has more than a main floor), windows and balconies. If we don’t let them access to that places, we have one worry less.

To make this, one of the most effective things are kids fences, that impede them to access some places, for example, stairs. They are very practical and they are available in different sizes and materials. Besides, you can put permanent ones or choose a model that can be removed when your kids grow up. There are also some models that are made for travelling and can be installed easily everywhere.

Be careful about electricity!


This is one of the most dangerous aspects in every house. To avoid electrical discharges, you have to do some things like covering plugs or buy some protectors so that they cannot touch them.

It is also important to hide the cables so that they can’t touch them.

Better if they can’t open them


You have available in the market a huge variety of ways to keep your drawers, closets and even windows closed. You have to take into account the kind of thing you want to block and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect item to do it. They are perfect for the places in which you put dangerous things like cleaning products or medicines.

Security everywhere


Kitchen: is one of the most dangerous areas for kids, the place where more accidents occur. To turn it into a safe place. Try to protect them to the hot areas, the places where you normally cook and also knifes and dangerous items.

Bathroom: use anti slip materials in the tub and you can also use plastic protectors for the tap to avoid painful blows.

Living room: kids go running everywhere and your home is not an exception. Place protectors in the corners of the tables and other pieces of furniture and you’ll avoid pains. You must also fix the shelves and the heavy furniture to the walls just in case they want to climb your furniture. If you have small rugs, place an anti-slip material below.


Outdoor: you have to look for the risks and minimize them if your kids want to play outside. The door must be lock so that they just explore inside your garden. If you have a pool, you shouldn’t leave it open if there isn’t an adult around. There exists alarms and fences for this.

If you take into account these measures, your home will be a safer place for your children.

Hope you liked the article.

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Pictures: Leroy Merlin

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