Recycled decorative mirror

Today, we want to share with you this beautiful idea for recycling and making a decorative mirror you’ll be able to place anywhere at home. Using recycled materials for making crafts is quite common nowadays. The trend started more than a decade ago and it’s considered a great way of recycling and making gorgeous crafts that will make your home look more personal and unique. Moreover, recycling is good not only for respecting the environment but also for saving some money, since your crafts with recycled materials are significantly cheaper. For this DIY mirror, we suggest to collect corks from your empty bottles.

recycled mirror

Source: Todo sobre reciclaje

What do you need for making a recycled decorative mirror?

To avoid throwing away all the corks from your bottles of wine and other containers, you can start keeping them in order to gather as many as possible to make this gorgeous decorative mirror. Apart from the corks, you’ll need some glue, a base of wood and a circular piece of glass for the mirror. You’ll need the base of wood to place all the corks as you can see in the picture, or in any other shape you like.

How to do a recycled decorative mirror

As you’ve noticed, this decorative mirror has flower shape. The first thing you should do is choosing the shape and cutting the base of wood, which should be light in order to make it easier. If you have the necessary tools, you can do it at home. But you can also ask for the shape you want in the shop you buy the piece of wood. Then, you can start attaching the corks to the base of wood with resistant glue. As you can see, it won’t take you long and this recycled decorative mirror is a truly beautiful DIY idea for your home’s décor.

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