A house made of recycled pallets

For the construction of this house the main material used was recycled pallets. It is a material that has allowed the owner to reach its expectations at the same time he’s saving costs.

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It is more and more common nowadays when it gets time to construct to look for alternatives to save money maintaining the quality. In this sense, the use of recycled materials it is a field that is growing its importance.

Today we want to bring here a house made for a farmer where the main material used was recycled pallets.

A house made for a farmer

The project was made for a farmer who wanted to have a refugee to sleep when he had to work in the field. He looked for a place as comfortable as it could be but saving money. This house was thought to be used by the farmer at weekends so it didn’t have to be very big.


To reduce costs, the best thing was reusing an the materials of an old ruined cabinet.

The house has 90 square meters where we can find a kitchen, a living-room, a bedroom and a bathroom. We should add here a small patio where we can find another bathroom that was thought to be used by the workers.

The main problem was isolation

One of the main problems for the architects was isolation taking into account the climate changes of where the house was going to be constructed. The cabinet’s materials had big imperfections but the architects could finally isolate the house.


What the architects did was using pine wood partitions covered by an anti-humidity system. Then they put a second wall using the recycled pallets. With this second wall they protected the house making it warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Sliding blinds to close hermetically

The architects also put sliding blinds all around the house to protect the house against the light, wind or rain. They can be regulated easily and locked when the house is inhabited.


In the ceiling we can find an outdoor cover that can let the air comes in, regulating the temperature throughout the year.

The furniture we see could have been made by recycled logs but in this case they are old pieces of furniture restored by the farmer. As they are made of wood, they combine perfectly with the rest of the house.


If you remember at the beginning of the article we said that the farmer was looking to save money in the construction of the house. The final price of the house was 400$ per square meter, a cheap price thanks to the recycled materials.

In the last years, the use of pallets for creating things has exponentially increased. We can find endless ideas for using them. We had never seen before the use of this material for constructing but as you can see, it can be used even for the biggest projects.


What do you think about this house?

Via: Arquitectura Ideal

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