Two ideas for recycling old suitcases for decorating

Old suitcases are wonderful articles for creating attractive decorative complements or even pieces of furniture. Today, we bring you two ideas for recycling old suitcases for decorating your home. These two ideas for recycling old suitcases will provide a different touch to your home. Do you need a new armchair or a new table? Check out the following article!

As you can see in first picture, you can take advantage of an old suitcase in order to create a comfortable armchair or bench. By recycling an old suitcase for creating a comfortable armchair can be a great option and the result is gorgeous. Moreover, you can place it anywhere in your house. In this case, the suitcase is hard and not to big.

The colour they’ve chosen for the padding seat is a sky blue tone, to keep the tone of the suitcase’s inside. They’ve done the same with the back of the armchair. The contrast of sky blue with the outside white is really beautiful, and the attached legs complete the armchair.


Photo: ohmy

The legs can be dowels or you can buy some beautiful ones. In this case, they’ve opted for two different types of legs and they’ve painted them in white colour to combine it with the rest of the suitcase. The result is an unique and comfortable seat for decorating any space.

The following idea for recycling old suitcases is using it to create a night table. This time, they’ve opted just for the white colour. They’ve placed the restored suitcase over a white table. Moreover, in this case, they chose white complements as well, to complete the night table decoration. But you can always introduce some bright colours to make a beautiful contrast with the white table.


Photo: ohmy

As you can see, both crafts are practical and beautiful ideas for recycling old suitcases. If you don’t know what to do with any old suitcase you have at home, you make like to try some of these ideas. It’s a good choice for giving them a second chance, don’t you think?

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