3 sustainable furniture pieces you need to make your patio perfect

If you are looking for ideas to make your patio a better place, the furniture brand Actiu offers us some of the best terrace furniture to get it ready. Furniture that, in addition to being beautiful, stands out for its timelessness and sustainability.

Dorik: Versatility and comfort for this summer

3 sustainable furniture pieces you need to get your terrace ready 3

Having a high table for the terrace is always a good option. They are versatile, comfortable, and perfect for smaller spaces.

Dorik is a collection of tables inspired by the greatness of the classic Doric columns of Greek culture, characterized by its timeless elegance and simple yet clean appearance with harmonious proportions.

Each table is meticulously crafted with exceptional attention to detail, showcasing the mastery of rotational molding while rising on a single leg. Dorik allows for flexible expansion, using multiple columns to create meeting tables.

This table is a clear example that architecture, functional design, and elegance can perfectly go hand in hand.

Fluit: The best sustainable ally for Dorik

3 sustainable furniture pieces you need to get your terrace ready 4

If you opt for Dorik and a high table on your terrace, there is no better option than to combine it with Fluit.

Fluit is a chair created entirely with recycled materials, designed by Archirivolto Design that has won prestigious awards such as the German Design Awards, which have recognized the Excellence in Product Design of the Fluit chairs from Actiu.

80% of the material used in the production of Fluit is certified post-consumer recycled plastic, coming from the agri-food sector. The remaining 20% of the material is fiberglass, which strengthens the chair’s resistance and is also recycled. Actiu applies gas injection technology in its manufacturing, an innovative industrial process that provides a delicate and smooth finish to the touch.

Furthermore, following Actiu’s philosophy, the production process of Fluit is based on Km 0 and once again becomes the perfect chair for any space because its design adapts to any space and need.

It is also ideal as it is available in many colors, which perfectly complement the Dorik table to create a colorful space ideal for summer.

Meetia: the collection that breaks all the design and sustainability schemes

3 sustainable furniture pieces you need to get your terrace ready 5

Optimizing space is always the best option and this collection of armchairs fits perfectly on any type of terrace. It is Meetia by Ramón Esteve, a collection of sofas that combine design, functionality, and sustainability.

This statement of style and functionality features an outer effect of oak or fabric and its interior softly upholstered with fully sustainable fabrics, turning this armchair into a welcoming hug.

Actiu and Ramón Esteve have found a way to establish a dialogue between design and society, exploring new ways to interact with the environment. Meetia reflects this commitment, offering versatile and sustainable solutions to the challenges of the modern world.

Source: MiMub in Spanish

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