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From some time to now, the bathrooms in homes have become one of the most important areas of the home. Gone are the years where anything goes to decorate them. Nowadays it’s common to give them a personal touch to make them as cozy as possible.

If you are thinking of giving your bathroom an original touch, these proposals from Strohm Teka can be of great help.

All in white

5 trends that will inspire you to renovate your bathroom 1

White never goes out of style, however, to keep it intact day after day without losing its shine is quite a challenge. That’s why all the ceramic in the Lavi collection from Strohm Teka uses solid mineral in the manufacturing of its bathtub, the countertop of the vanity unit, and in the sink itself. This results in greater resistance, a beautiful matte finish while making the repair of the pieces easier. In addition, for greater convenience, inside the vanity unit the drawers incorporate a “push” opening system, as well as hydraulic dampers in the drawer guides to ensure a smooth and silent closure.

Black also has its place in the faucet

5 trends that will inspire you to renovate your bathroom 2

This year one of the most talked-about trends is black faucets. Following this trend, the Manacor faucet from Strohm Teka features a high faucet design, which allows for incorporating a countertop basin giving the space a more modern touch. In Brave Black finish, this faucet has an anticalc aerator with a flow limiter at 5 l/min, a ceramic cartridge of great precision and smoothness, as well as flexible 3/8″ supply hoses.

Prominence to freestanding bathtub sets

5 trends that will inspire you to renovate your bathroom 3

The bathroom has become a space in the house dedicated to well-being. That is why freestanding bathtub sets have regained prominence to become the main pieces in large bathrooms. The Lavi collection bathtub set, in addition to the wall-mounted faucet and mineral solid bathtub, consists of two other pieces in iroko wood. On one hand, a tray that rests across the bathtub to accommodate those elements desired to accompany that moment of hygiene and relaxation. On the other hand, a footrest that helps provide a warm sensation when getting out of the water.

Incorporate innovative elements into the faucet

5 trends that will inspire you to renovate your bathroom 4

From Strohm Teka, betting on innovation and design, they have created the wall-mounted faucet for the Lavi collection. The design of this faucet is topped at the top with a tree-shaped hanger to hang the towel, robe, pajamas… making the moment of bathing more comfortable. A noteworthy detail, the wood finish is actually metal with a primer that mimics this noble material.

Faucet that hides: a patented design and with IF Award

5 trends that will inspire you to renovate your bathroom 5

The 180º shower from Strohm Teka incorporates a revolutionary design that hides the hose within the bar and appears and is activated by rotating it 180º. Thanks to this functionality, this new product provides a sleek and minimalist design, maintaining all the features of a high-end shower that also makes cleaning easier and more hygienic for the user. This innovative model has two additional technologies that are already a hallmark of the brand: the Dual Control shower system, which combines the design of a thermostatic with the functionality of a single lever; and the Healthy system, which reduces the chances of bacteria proliferation because when the shower faucet is closed, the water in the pipes automatically empties.

Source: Opendeco, decoration news in Spanish

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