5 ways to add a pop of color to your home this summer with ART

If you’re thinking about changing the appearance of the walls in your home, wallpaper has become the best way to fill it with color and fun in every corner of your home. In this sense, ARTE brings us the widest selection of options to turn your house into the perfect refuge where creativity and style blend. Papers that are designed for every room in the house, from the bathroom to the living room, including the bedrooms or the entryway.

1. Give it a modern touch

color a tu hogar 1

Let your bathroom become the temple of style. The project by The Cut Craft is an example where Arte has left its mark with an elegant and modern design covering, this covering adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to the bathroom, creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

2. Wake up with joy

color a tu hogar 2

If you want to give your bedroom a touch of color and vitality, Arte International offers a wide range of vibrant coverings. Highlighting the Airbnb Belvaros private residence, where there is a bed decorated with a super colorful covering. This unique design adds joy and creativity to the room, turning it into a cozy and stimulating space.

3. Cook with creativity

color a tu hogar 3

The kitchen is the place where the best ideas are cooked and it can also be the perfect setting for a burst of creativity. The Gitane collection from Arte International offers the Ondas covering, which adds a touch of elegance and dynamism to any kitchen. This captivating design combines smooth and wavy lines, creating a visually striking effect that will surely impress your guests.

4. Make your living room the center of attention in your home

color a tu hogar 4

The living room is the epicenter of fun and relaxation. Why not give it a special touch with a covering that is the life of the party? The Gitane collection presents the Tigrisque covering that combines geometric patterns and vibrant colors to create a modern and sophisticated atmosphere. This covering becomes the focal point of the room, attracting the attention of everyone who visits.

5. Surprise all your guests

color a tu hogar 5

The entryway is the introduction to your home, so make it a great first impression with the Panthera covering from the Yala collection by Arte International. Its bold and sophisticated design will ensure that your guests are left speechless from the first step they take in your home.

Source: Portico.es in Spanish

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