8 ideas for decorating the garden with recycled materials

If you are concerned about the environment and you are one of those who like to give a second or third life to materials, this is something that will interest you. We are going to give you a series of ideas to decorate the garden with recycled materials.

Do you want to know what we have come up with? Keep in mind that these are things that we usually have at home and often throw away without thinking, but in reality, they could be reused for many other things. Like these ones we are going to tell you about.

Original flower pots

As you know, flower pots are essential in the garden. But instead of having to constantly buy new ones, why not opt for elements you already have at home? For example, old tin cans, plastic containers, jars… they can all serve as flower pots.

It’s true that they may not look as pretty as the ones you buy at the store, but you can paint or decorate them in a personalized way to decorate the garden with recycled materials. And, in the process, you will be saving money and giving new life to what you have instead of just throwing it away.

tire pot

Reused furniture

Many times we think that decorating a garden with recycled materials will look bad, old, or lacking in “style.” But it doesn’t have to be like that. We suggest opting for furniture that is given a second life, or that you can build yourself. For example, you could make a rustic bench with wooden pallets, use tree trunks as stools or tables, or use tree branches that you have pruned to build shelves for placing flower pots.

There are plenty of options to choose from, you just need to use your imagination.

Sculptures to decorate the garden with recycled materials

Figures in the garden are a common decorative element. However, we know that they can be expensive and may not last long. So why not decorate the garden with recycled materials? You could create a metal sculpture from scrap, or create different environments with car wheels, glass bottles, or create your own material to make different figures.

Children’s play areas

If you have children at home and your garden is large enough, you could build play areas for them. For example, you could build a sandbox with wooden pallets or make swings with old tires.

You could even create a maze in the garden using recycled plastic bottles. The goal is to decorate the garden with recycled materials, but if it is practical as well, even better.

A recycled-style pathway in your garden

Another way to decorate the garden with recycled materials is through pathways or signage. The goal is to use materials that you no longer need to give them a second life.

For the pathway, instead of using tiles or stones, you could opt for thin pieces of wood (cut from a tree trunk) that you place along the path to reach a specific area.

You could also use branches to create a kind of boardwalk, or even to separate the vegetation from the path so that it does not invade the area. Or if you have old stones or bricks, instead of throwing them away, use them to create more natural pathways or even to create different figures or scenes in the garden.

Original lighting to decorate the garden with recycled materials

light bottles

For lighting, if you want to create a magical touch, we recommend using glass jars turned into solar lamps. All you have to do is place solar LED lights that charge with sunlight.

So, they will illuminate the place at night without any problem and will help save on electricity while providing a more creative light.

Cans as bird feeders

If there are birds where you live and you don’t mind having them in your garden, you could give them a place to eat besides shelter. All you need are empty cans placed horizontally. Attach a small twig or similar for them to perch and fill the can with some birdseed.

Just hang the cans, but we recommend not placing them in areas where they can lean against the trunk or branches of the trees because the smell of the food will also attract ants, and if they can access it, they will be the ones taking all the food.

Stones as perfect ladybugs

And when we say ladybugs, we mean any other insects that you like. The goal is to paint them to resemble something else and make use of that decoration that practically costs you nothing, to give new uses to those elements.

Just be careful with the paint you use and, if possible, try to find alternatives to that paint to avoid pollution when decorating the garden with recycled materials.

Can you think of more ideas to decorate the garden with recycled materials?

via: MiMub in Spanish

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