Add a trunk to the decor and get the vintage touch that is so beloved.

We’ve all seen a chest, even though its use isn’t as common anymore. This piece of furniture has enjoyed varying levels of popularity through the ages. Initially prized for its utility and later for its decorative appeal as well. This is because a chest is essentially a box with a lid that can store almost anything. Moreover, it’s also large enough to serve as a small table.

Incorporating a Chest into Your Decor

As practical for storage as it is decorative, the chest has gained popularity in many decorative styles, especially those inspired by vintage and retro aesthetics. Whether you treasure an antique chest for its age or opt for a modern but antique-looking piece, it can add a unique charm to your space.

Rustic chests exuding an aura of forgotten furniture look splendid, as do those with a more polished and modern appearance. Depending on their size, chests can offer ample additional storage space. They have always been versatile furniture "staples" for storing a variety of items wherever you place them in your home.

A chest can be functional in many rooms, including the entryway as shown in the image. It looks fantastic, whether it’s well-preserved or has a rustic appearance, contributing to the decor. If sturdy enough, it can even serve as a seat when you come home. It doesn’t take much for a chest to enhance a room’s ambiance; it is attractive by itself.

A chest can be the perfect place to store your bag or shoes in the entryway. Depending on its size, it can offer more or less storage capacity but will always fulfill its function well. And, as demonstrated by the image and those that follow, it adds a decorative touch. Even within an ultramodern decorative style, a chest can serve as a contrasting detail that becomes the focal point of a room.

A Truly Original Coffee Table

In recent years, using a chest as a coffee table has become a trend. It’s charming and versatile because you can place it in your living room without having to change anything else. It easily integrates into any space without disrupting your original decor and always looks great. If you’re a fan of chic vintage or retro styles, here you have the perfect piece of furniture.

As a coffee table, the chest can store those little things you use occasionally, like candles, and also your books. The living room is full of items that need storage. This makes a chest an attractive and useful option for keeping the remote control, games, and much more!

It’s essential to consider the dimensions to ensure it doesn’t hinder its advantage as a storage unit because if it’s too big, it might encroach on the available space in your living room. So, choose one that looks great, provides storage, and functions like any other coffee table.

A Piece of Furniture That Looks Good Anywhere

A chest need not only be placed in the center of the living room. It can also be a beautiful side piece that will be much admired, especially if it’s a elaborately styled chest like the one in the first image of this entry. A beautifully decorated piece of furniture. Positioned near a window, it can hold coats, cushions…

Its decorative and utilitarian qualities extend beyond just the entryway or living room. For example, it can be used in a child’s bedroom to store toys, in your bedroom for bed linens, at the foot of your bed as an ottoman, or in a reading nook as an original footrest.

There are so many ways to benefit from and show off a chest in your interior decor. Why not have one in the hallway, perhaps to place an attractive decorative item on top? It could also provide ideal storage in the dining room, further beautifying it and offering a place to keep occasional linens.

This is one of those pieces of furniture that you can make the most of. Place it under the often-underutilized space beneath the stairs to store coats or children’s backpacks. Storage is something we always need more of, and seldom can we make use of something as versatile as a chest.

If you’re considering getting one, you’ll find many models available, from antique shops to retro versions. Some are simple, yet no less attractive, and others are more elaborate, their details making them decoratively valuable. Do you like them? You should definitely have one; no doubt there’s many spots in your home where it will shine. And with various sizes available, you’ll find the ideal one.

Images: Unsplash

Source: Decoración 2.0, decoration news in Spanish

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