Adecco Makes Creating a Resume Easier with Artificial Intelligence

The job market has become increasingly competitive and having a clear, concise, and professional resume is essential to capture the attention of HR teams and access job opportunities. In fact, according to data from The Adecco Group, the largest group of talent committed to people, the Curriculum Vitae is an essential piece in 90% of selection processes; however, more than 40% of the CVs received by HR departments are not well made.

Faced with this situation and as part of their commitment to people’s employability, Grupo Adecco has developed CV Maker, a new free tool that allows anyone to create a personalized CV quickly and easily, using generative artificial intelligence and voice commands. The CV can also be written in Spanish and English.

The development of CV Maker by Grupo Adecco is an example of its social commitment, with the aim that no one is left behind in the job search or access to job opportunities. The company wants to put its experience and knowledge at the service of society, creating innovative tools that contribute to socio-labor inclusion and the construction of a more fair and inclusive job market.

The initiative, pioneering in the sector, is aimed at anyone in search of employment or wanting to improve their existing resume. Since not all job seekers start from the same situation, this tool adapts to each need, allowing to create a complete and quality CV highlighting the most relevant skills and experiences, improving the quality of the content and writing.

With CV Maker, various groups can showcase their talent, such as young people looking for their first job, professionals wanting to change sectors, individuals who have been out of the job market for a long time and want to return, and senior professionals with extensive experience in need of a new job. Also, people with disabilities or migrants without knowledge of the local language will find significant benefits.

Aware of the barriers that language can pose in the job search, CV Maker incorporates an automatic translator. In this way, individuals can create their CV in their native language (supports 35 languages) and the tool will translate it into English or Spanish, significantly expanding their chances of finding a job.

“At Grupo Adecco, barriers are removed and the goal is for all individuals to access the job market with the same opportunities, which is why this tool has been created so that any professional can have a personalized CV quickly and efficiently,” says Alberto Gavilán, Talent Director of The Adecco Group. He adds that “the CV is the first introduction to a recruiter and an essential document to capture their attention, therefore we want to help create it correctly to significantly increase the chances of accessing a job.”

CV Maker is an inclusive tool. Thanks to its easy accessibility and ability to eliminate physical and linguistic barriers, CV Maker stands out for its inclusive approach, understanding diversity and equal opportunities as pillars. The collaboration with the Adecco Foundation has been crucial in its development, as the tool has been successfully tested by individuals with visual and intellectual disabilities, ensuring its effectiveness for all users.

Those in the most vulnerable situations or with low employability often have significant digital divides that make it difficult for them to participate in job search processes. For this reason, CV Maker has enormous potential to also contribute to improving the employability of these individuals.

Francisco Mesonero, general director of the Adecco Foundation and Sustainability of Grupo Adecco, points out that “the transformative potential of AI should be leveraged and see how it can help individuals with disabilities, migrants without language, individuals making their first resume, or those with low socio-economic profiles in their access to the job market. This is a great example.”

Grupo Adecco also offers recommendations for creating a precise and effective CV that can grab the attention of HR departments in companies:

– Use a clean and readable design: use standard fonts, appropriate margins, and white space for the document to be easy to read and not appear saturated.
– Clear, concise, and direct communication: HR departments value clarity and brevity, so it is essential to limit the CV to one or two pages and use short sentences or bullet points so that key information is easily accessible.
– Highlight achievements in addition to responsibilities: companies want to know about achievements in previous roles, so it is useful to introduce metrics and concrete results to show capabilities and impact achieved.
– Customize the CV for each job offer: adapting work history to the job description demonstrates research on the company and role, highlighting skills and experiences relevant to the position.
– Include keywords: insert keywords related to the job description increases the chances of passing automatic filters (ATS) and reaching a human recruiter.

Finally, the tool does not require previous registration on the Adecco website to be used. Anyone can access it from any device, create their CV, and download it to use as they wish, without any restrictions. Additionally, voluntarily, they have the option to register and access more than 4,000 job offers available monthly on the website, and apply for those that interest them the most.

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