Benefits of using LED lighting at home

Put LED lighting in your home can have a lot of advantages. You can place them in a crossing point, such as the stairs or the garden, as night-lights. If you’re looking for energy saving lights that guide you at night or avoid your children are scared, this is the perfect choice! This kind of lights is long lasting apart from energy saving: its length is about 30.000 hours and it will cost around 16 euros during its useful life (this figure is based on a 3,5W LED lamp and a price of 0,15 euros kW/h).

LED home lighting

LED as a décor element

Thanks to the variety of colors, you can create different atmospheres, from the most quiet and romantic to the liveliest ones. Multicolor LEDs provide a wide variety of tones that the user can regulate with remote control. LED lighting has turned out to be a great choice for those spaces where you’re continuously turning on and off the lights, such as the kitchen, the bathroom or the corridors. LED lights, unlike energy saving bulbs, can reduce their useful life if they’re often turned on and off. However, if we compare the impact with the useful life and the cost, it’s still convenient. Furthermore, opposed to energy saving bulbs, LED lights light up with their highest intensity instantaneously.

LED home lighting garden

LED lights for gardens and façades

LED lights are useful for using them on the outside thanks to their high resistance. They’re able to hold on humidity, high and low temperatures and also vibrations. Verify their IP (International Protection), which is the one that defines the water tightness and the protection facing their use on the outside.

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