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The new showroom of Calma Outdoor, conceived and designed by Ricard Vicens, the brand’s project manager, invites visitors to explore an exquisite selection of outdoor furniture and pieces suitable for indoor use. Inspired by the beauty of Vicens’s homeland, this space captures the Mediterranean essence and craftsmanship in every detail, immersing visitors in an oasis of tranquility and design where nature and elegance perfectly blend.

A space of inspiration for professionals and consumers

Calma Outdoor’s showroom is presented as an endless source of inspiration for architects, interior designers, and decorators, offering a work environment that combines elegance, functionality, and sustainability. In addition, end consumers have the opportunity to discover the brand’s pieces that are setting trends and succeeding internationally. The space stands out for conveying harmony and balance through clean lines and timeless designs.

Noble and sustainable materials

Calma outdoor inaugurates showroom in Girona 1

Calma Outdoor uses noble and sustainable materials in the creation of its showroom. Wood, gravel, and ceramic, along with an impressive vertical garden, combine to create an exclusive space that evokes the natural beauty of the Mediterranean. These materials not only provide warmth and elegance but also reflect the brand’s commitment to quality and respect for the environment. The vertical garden introduces a touch of nature indoors, creating a fresh and welcoming environment that invites relaxation and inspiration.

Iconic pieces in harmony with the surroundings

The showroom houses some of Calma Outdoor’s most iconic pieces, which coexist in total harmony with the surroundings. Among them are:

  • La Brava: Table with a ceramic countertop from La Bisbal, designed by Andreu Carulla, who is also the creator of the Om Wood umbrella.
  • Bolet: Chair/stool that integrates perfectly into any space.
  • Lou: A collection of armchair, sofa, and pouf designed by Inma Bermúdez.
  • Normal: Ceramic lamps from La Bisbal, also designed by Andreu Carulla.
  • Boomerang: The iconic armchair with footrest by André Ricard.
  • Masia and Cuina: Rugs designed by Andreu Carulla and Run Studio, respectively.
  • Coqueta: The classic chair designed by Pete Sans.
  • Xica and Xanca: Luminaires created by Crous Calogero.

Commitment to quality and the environment

Calma Outdoor’s showroom reflects a deep commitment to quality and respect for the environment. The arrangement of the pieces, lighting, and combination of natural elements are intended to inspire the creation of visually appealing, functional, and environmentally friendly spaces. This space not only highlights a passion for design but also dedication to sustainability, making each visit an enriching and stimulating experience for all who appreciate beauty and functionality in interior and exterior design.

Source: Opendeco, decoration news in Spanish

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