Cambridge Tools Enhance Student Experience at International University of Valencia.

The International University of Valencia (VIU), belonging to Planeta Formación y Universidades, has incorporated a series of advanced educational tools into its virtual campus. This initiative has been carried out in collaboration with Cambridge University Press & Assessment, a world-leading institution in English teaching and certification. The integration aims to provide students with a personalized and dynamic learning experience, with access to a wide variety of practical activities and multimedia resources.

This project has been led by the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Communication at VIU, in coordination with the Vice-Rectorate of Technology and Digital Transformation and the Pedagogy and Digital Learning Development department of Cambridge University Press & Assessment. This collaboration makes VIU the first online Spanish university to directly integrate these tools into its virtual campus. Therefore, students can access the content and activities of Cambridge University Press & Assessment without leaving the main study environment, simplifying teaching and learning processes and optimizing studies.

Verónica Alarcón-García, Coordinator of the Degree in Translation and Interpretation at VIU, highlighted the importance of this collaboration, stating that “this partnership allows for the customization of courses, maintaining the motivation of students by providing a wide variety of practical and accessible activities, multimedia resources and corrections that contribute to furthering the consolidation of acquired knowledge.” She also explained that the connection allows students and teachers to see the results of the activities from the Cambridge digital library reflected in VIU’s grading center.

Ana Goyanes, Business Development Manager at Cambridge University Press & Assessment, assessed this integration as “the first step in a trajectory that will bring English learning to thousands of students, achieving not only excellence, but also satisfaction in communicating in another language in both professional and personal settings.”

From a technical perspective, Daniel Cubero Mimbiela, Project Manager of the Vice-Rectorate of Technology and Digital Transformation, explained that “the integration consisted of an LTI (Learning Tool Interoperability) installation, a standard that facilitates interoperability between the virtual campus and other tools.” He added that in online education, the LMS (Learning Management System) that supports the virtual campus is fundamental, and interoperability standards make it possible for tools like CambridgeOne to be directly accessible on the university campus.

This project between VIU and Cambridge University Press & Assessment represents a significant advancement in the field of online education in Spain. By putting technological innovation at the service of the learning experience, VIU continues to enhance accessibility, inclusion, and ease of use for the benefit of its students. The initiative demonstrates the university’s commitment to advancing in the field of educational technologies and continuously improving its training programs.

Source: MiMub in Spanish

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