Change the air conditioning equipment to one that operates with renewable energy sources.

The summer of 2023 will be remembered as one of the hottest, with up to 4 nationwide heatwaves. With the end of this season, the much-awaited temperature drops arrive, giving people some relief. During this month of September, many families take the opportunity to make improvements in the climate control of their homes, opting to look for elements that provide energy savings.

Indeed, according to the 2nd study “Habits of Heating and Climate Control Consumption in Spanish Homes” by Bosch Home Comfort, 40% of Spaniards are considering acquiring more efficient climate control equipment as a result of energy prices.

Furthermore, as the study reveals, 1 in 10 not only has considered it, but in fact, replaced their climate control system with a more efficient one with lower consumption for this reason. It is also worth noting that 42% of households with some form of climate control have considered changing their current air conditioning system for one that runs on renewable energy in order to save on their energy bill.

These changes in consumption habits are seen as a logical decision considering that households perceive air conditioning expenses to have increased by 30% in the past year, and that temperatures are rising, making air conditioning a necessity for home comfort during the summer period. According to a comparison with the company’s previous study conducted in 2021, the percentage of households spending between €50 and €70 per month on climate control has increased by nearly 10% in the present year.

Good value for money, efficiency, and bill savings

The most demanded features by Spaniards when replacing their air conditioning unit are: good value for money, efficiency, and reflected savings on the bill. Thus, consumption and energy efficiency are above comfort in the purchasing decision factors, while commitment to the environment remains the least relevant factor when changing appliances.

In this regard, Bosch’s complete range of Climate air conditioning equipment consists of inverter technology, advanced i-Clean filtering technology, and Wifi connectivity, allowing users to save up to 60% of energy compared to conventional systems, thanks to its ECO mode.

In addition, they have a high efficiency rating of up to A+++ in both cooling and heating modes, offering high-quality climate control, air purification, and positioning themselves in the best energy range for superior energy savings.

The most efficient technology in the market

Another highly efficient technology that guarantees responsible comfort and arouses high interest is aerothermal technology, materialized in multitask air/water heat pumps, positioning itself as one of the most comprehensive solutions as it can supply cooling, heating, and hot water with a single product. In this sense, investing in innovative solutions that stand out for their high efficiency and versatility, as well as their ability to integrate with other existing systems, is crucial. Thus, Bosch’s Compress multitask heat pumps are presented as the most efficient and environmentally friendly technology for homes today, ensuring comfort and savings by harnessing the available renewable energy in the air.

In order for people to quickly and easily analyze which equipment best suits their current needs and home, they can visit the website’s advisor and request a free quote.

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