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Painting a room may seem like a simple aesthetic act; however, with the right dose of creativity and technique, it can be transformed into an authentic work of art. Painting is the perfect ally for those looking for an economical, quick, and effective renovation of their spaces. However, why limit ourselves to a simple uniform color when we can take the design to another level?

The power of color

Color has a profound impact on how we perceive and feel in a space. A pastel tone can bring serenity and spaciousness to a room, while an intense color can add energy and personality. The options are endless, and in their diversity lies the magic.

The art of creativity

In addition to the choice of colors, we can add a touch of originality with techniques that add texture and dynamism to the surface. For example, in the described technique, the combination of two shades of the same color produces a veining effect that adds depth and movement to the wall. This technique, seemingly simple, can completely transform the appearance of a room.

How to achieve the veining effect?

  1. Preparation: Make sure the wall is clean and free of imperfections.
  2. Base paint: Choose a pastel tone of the desired color and paint the wall as you would normally. Wait for it to completely dry.
  3. The thread trick: Before applying the darkest shade, wrap a thread around the roller. This thread will create grooves in the roller that, when painting, will produce a veined effect on the wall.
  4. Application: Paint with the darkest shade. It doesn’t need to be uniform, as you’re aiming for an irregular effect.
  5. Finishing: Let it dry and admire your creation.

In summary

Decorative techniques are not only limited to color choice, but also to how it is applied. With the thread technique, you can turn a common wall into a central piece of design. It’s an artistic way to demonstrate that with few resources and lots of creativity, you can achieve surprising results.

So, next time you think about renovating your walls, remember that you’re not limited to a flat color. Experiment, play, and transform your home into an authentic gallery of personalized art. Dare to be original and let your imagination soar to decorate walls!

Source: Opendeco, decoration news in Spanish

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