Bottles decorated with colored sand

There are so many gorgeous details you can add to your home’s decoration; today we’d love to share with you this great idea to recycle bottles and jars. With just some colored sand, you’ll transform your boring bottles into beautiful ornaments!

bottles decorated with colored sand

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For making these bottles decorated with colored sand, you’ll just need some bottles of different shapes, chalks of various colors, fine salt and some bows for decorating. The bottles and jars should have a wide top in order to make it easier when you fill them with the colored sand. You’ll love how good the salt looks when you paint it with all the colors you like. We can use chalks to get a lot of decorating effects in our crafts; in this case, we’ll use them to create the different layers of our beautiful bottles decorated with colored sand.

How to do our bottles decorated with colored sand

The firs step is crushing the chalk until it becomes powder. For doing it, you can use the base of a glass or you could even try to crush it with a pestle and mortar. Once the chalk is transformed into powder, you can mix it with the fine salt and you’ll have the colored sand for decorating your bottles and jars. If you don’t want to crush the chalks, you can also paint the salt rubbing it with the chalk over a flat surface and the result will also be good.

The next step would be filling the bottle, following the combination of colors you prefer. If you do it too fast, the different colors may mix, so take it easy! Once you’ve arrived to the top of the bottle, cover it and put a bow around the tap.

The result is superb! The bottles decorated with colored sand look fantastic; and they’re a low-cost craft that you can place wherever you want.

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