Everything you need to know about outdoor showers

Outdoor showers are a cool solution for hot summer days and an addition that brings comfort and functionality to outdoor spaces. With a wide range of options available, you can find the perfect shower that is not only functional but also enhances the beauty of your garden or patio. Here’s everything you need to know about outdoor showers and the refreshing benefits they offer.

### Portable Outdoor Showes

Portable outdoor showers offer the convenience of taking a refreshing shower anywhere. These showers have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly among camping, caravanning, and outdoor adventure enthusiasts. They’re not only useful for travelers but also make an excellent addition for those with swimming pools at home or those looking for a temporary shower option during bathroom renovations. One of the main advantages of portable showers is their ease of installation and use. They don’t require any permanent connections or complicated construction, which makes them perfect for travel or use in spaces without a permanent shower installation.

The available models on the market vary in size, capacity, and functionality, ranging from simple options to more advanced systems with features like solar heating and adjustable pressure controls. Many models are also easy to assemble and disassemble, which simplifies storage and transport. Moreover, most portable showers are environmentally friendly as they use less water than traditional showers, and some even recycle water for additional uses.

### Fixed Outdoor Showers

Fixed outdoor showers require permanent installation near a water source. Some models may include functional features like temperature regulators, various spray styles, and even solar technology to heat the water, utilizing the sun’s energy for a more comfortable bathing experience.

A fixed outdoor shower can be simple or sophisticated, with designs ranging from minimalist and discreet to more decorative and striking. For instance, a shower built into a wall next to the pool can offer a clean and modern look, while one hidden behind a porch or integrated into a stone wall can provide privacy and blend in with the surrounding environment. When choosing a fixed outdoor shower, it’s essential to consider not only the design and features but also the location and ease of use. It’s important to avoid proximity to electrical appliances and ensure a sturdy installation, especially in areas prone to strong winds.

### Solar Outdoor Showers

Solar outdoor showers use the sun’s energy to heat water, helping to reduce electricity consumption and protect the environment. The design of these showers allows the sun to heat the water through a tube, which is then stored in a tank (20 or 40 liters) and kept warm and ready for use.

By utilizing solar energy, these showers decrease the dependence on electricity or gas for heating water, thereby reducing the household’s carbon footprint. Most models are easy to install and only require a connection to the garden hose.

### Materials for Outdoor Showers

Choosing the right materials for outdoor showers is crucial to ensure their durability and functionality. Stainless steel is highly recommended because of its corrosion resistance and ease of maintenance. Stainless steel can withstand harsh weather conditions without deteriorating, making it an ideal choice for permanent installations.

Wood is another popular option, providing a natural and warm touch to the shower’s design. However, it requires regular maintenance to protect it from water and sun damage. Treated woods with sealers or varnishes are best as these treatments help extend the material’s lifespan.

PVC is a viable alternative for those seeking a more budget-friendly solution. Though it may not offer the same aesthetic appeal as wood or stainless steel, PVC is water-resistant and UV-resistant, making it suitable for outdoor use.

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