Great Success for the New Edition of the ‘Prescription S. XXI’ Meetings with the Participation of One Hundred Construction Companies.

The ESIC headquarters in Barcelona recently hosted a series of debates focused on the latest developments and regulations in the construction sector. Under the slogan “People walking together in the transformation of construction”, the debates emphasized the importance of sustainability, comfort, and above all, collaboration between companies and administrations.

Moderated by Antonio Domínguez, Koldo Monreal, Conor Neill, Ángel García Caballero, Luca Dell’Oro, Albert Grau, Eloi Tarrés, and Sergi Gargallo, the event brought together senior executives and representatives from various companies in the sector seeking innovative and sustainable solutions for the prescription world.

Ángel García Caballero, ESIC’s Sales Director in Catalonia, welcomed the attendees. The day began with two keynote speeches: “The importance of talent and training” and “Sustainability and fire protection, do they advance aligned?”, moderated by Luca Dell’Oro and Albert Grau, respectively.

Eloi Tarrés led the discussion on “Land management solutions and industrialization: a solution for access to housing?”, while Sergi Gargallo led the debate on “Architecture and health”. Koldo Monreal addressed the topic of “Culture, ethics, and society in construction”. Antonio Domínguez moderated the “Decalogue of prescription” and Conor Neill concluded the event with the panel “Leading from purpose”.

The premise of building habitable spaces with comfort, better materials, and respect for the environment was central to the discussions. Participants highlighted the importance of thermal, lighting, and acoustic comfort, as well as the necessary collaboration with both administrations and private stakeholders.

Following this success in Barcelona, Madrid will host the next edition of the “Prescription Encounters S. XXI” on July 15. Since its inception in Pamplona in 2019 by Antonio Domínguez, Arkaitz Aguirre, and Koldo Monreal, the event has grown, attracting over a hundred professionals and nearly 90 companies.

The Madrid edition will feature representatives from prominent companies such as Eibho, Buo Home, Griesser, Hyline, DOMO by Indalsu, and Aesso, among others. This wide representation of companies demonstrates the interest and the need to continue advancing in the sector through innovation and collaboration.

via: MiMub in Spanish

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