Growing franchises and M&M Language Academies join forces for brand expansion.

The consulting firm Growing Franchises (FQC) and the language academies Ms & Mr Language have signed a strategic agreement for the expansion of their educational centers throughout Spain. The plan, which will be implemented in the next 12 months, foresees the opening of between 10 and 15 new franchises.

Ms & Mr Language has excelled in the English teaching sector in Spain thanks to an innovative methodology based on Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences. The “Learn & Enjoy” method divides classes into two segments: a “learn” part dedicated to teaching grammar, vocabulary, and comprehensive reading, and an “enjoy” part to practice what has been learned. Additionally, they offer a school pick-up service, facilitating the attendance of younger students.

The educational proposal of Ms & Mr Language, which includes classes for students from 3 years old to adults and companies, presents a simple and attractive business model for future franchisees. The expansion through franchises aims not only to attract new students but also to offer business opportunities to entrepreneurs interested in the educational sector.

Gabriel Belossi, managing partner of FQC, expressed his enthusiasm for the alliance: “We are very excited to announce this collaboration with Ms & Mr Language. We know that their reputation in the English teaching market is impeccable and we are confident that together we will be able to bring their successful business model to new locations.”

Albert Camins Maltas and Joan Albert Homs Garcia, co-founders of Ms & Mr Language, also showed their satisfaction with the agreement: “We firmly believe in the importance of quality education and we believe that this collaboration with Growing Franchises will allow us to reach more people interested in learning languages in an effective and personalized way.”

Both companies are finalizing the details for the opening of the first franchise, which is expected to be operational in the next quarter.

Growing Franchises is a consulting firm with more than 20 years of experience in the commercialization and development of franchises in Ibero-America, with presence in Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, and Spain. Currently, they represent brands like No Mames Wey, Mostaza, La Birra Bar, Tostado, Ferreti, and Tio Bigotes.

Source: MiMub in Spanish

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