Helio to inflate balloons at parties, where to get it?

Every party that is organized requires decoration that matches the celebration. Balloons are a very popular option, especially for children’s birthday parties, farewells, weddings, and other celebrations. If you’re thinking of using balloons as decor, we recommend using helium to inflate them so they can stay upright for at least a few hours.

Characteristics of Helium for Parties

Before talking about where to buy helium or how to use it safely, it’s important to know a bit more about this chemical element. Helium is a noble and inert gas, known for being very light and colorless. One of its most interesting characteristics is that it is the only liquid that cannot be solidified by lowering its temperature, remaining liquid even at absolute zero. Due to its lightness, helium is ideal for inflating balloons, allowing them to float as it is lighter than air.

Where to Buy Helium for Parties?

Inflating balloons by blowing can be exhausting and, moreover, the balloons will not fly. To make the balloons float, the best option is to use helium. This gas can be easily purchased at stores specializing in party supplies, where you can find canisters of different sizes, from small ones suitable for inflating a few balloons to large tanks capable of inflating many balloons. The price of these tanks can vary between 30 and 50 euros or even more depending on availability.

If there are no specialized stores nearby, another option is to buy helium online. By searching for "helium for parties" on the Internet, you’ll find numerous websites selling this product. It is also possible to find helium canisters in large Chinese department stores or similar retailers, although the cost per balloon may be higher.

How to Use Helium to Inflate Balloons

Using helium is not dangerous if you take necessary precautions. Here are some safety tips and usage instructions:

  1. Adult Supervision: There should always be an adult present when children use helium.
  2. Ventilation: Use the canisters in a well-ventilated area to avoid suffocation in case of a leak.
  3. Proper Use of the Canister: Helium tanks usually have a protrusion to fit the balloon nozzle. Place the balloon, open the valve so the gas comes out and the balloon inflates. Close the valve between each balloon to avoid wasting helium.

Uses of Helium

Besides inflating balloons, helium has other important uses:

  • Cooling Magnets: It is used to cool the magnets in magnetic resonance imagings.
  • Dirigibles and Balloons: Fills dirigibles and hot air balloons.
  • Rocket Fuel: Condenses hydrogen and oxygen to produce rocket fuel.
  • Helium-Neon Lasers: Used for reading barcodes.

Safety Tips

  • Do Not Inhale Helium: Inhaling helium can cause suffocation, as it displaces oxygen in the lungs.
  • Safe Storage: Keep helium tanks in a safe place and out of children’s reach.
  • Avoid Heat Exposure: Do not expose the tanks to high temperatures to prevent possible explosion risks.

Helium is a great option for adding a special touch to your celebrations, allowing balloons to float and adding a festive element to the decor. However, it’s crucial to use it safely and responsibly. Have you used helium in your parties? Share your experiences and tips to help others decorate their events safely and effectively.

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