Hidden Storage: Creative ideas for having extra secret space

Having a home and keeping it organized is not an easy task. In fact, over time, it’s normal to end up with more things than you started with and nowhere to store them. And it’s not a matter of buying a new house. So, how about some hidden storage?

One of the growing trends is the ability to create attractive spaces that conceal extra storage in the home. But what options are available?

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Dual function furniture

Let’s start with a well-known and widely used option. It involves furniture that serves not only one function, but two or more.

For example, imagine a sofa that can be lifted to reveal storage under the cushions. Or a coffee table that can convert into a desk or hold cushions and blankets inside.

The goal is to hide and store items so they are not scattered throughout the house (or room).

Functional walls

Another option for hidden storage is to use the walls themselves. For example, installing floating shelves with hidden compartments, sliding panels, hidden doors…

This is ideal, for example, in small houses.

Mirrors with storage

As you know, mirrors are essential decorative elements in a home. Well, if you want them to be more than that, you can use them as hidden storage to conceal extra space.

This can be achieved by installing recessed cabinets behind the mirrors to store small items.

Trunks and ottomans

A trunk or an ottoman can be good furniture pieces with storage space. In addition to serving as seating, they can store many elements and maintain organization in your home.

Their versatile design and the wide variety of models available today allow you to place them in any room of the house.

Staircases with drawers

You may have seen this in some interior design shows. It involves using the steps of a staircase to turn each one into a hidden drawer.

Alternatively, it could be an option to use the space under the stairs for a pull-out or pull-in shelving unit.

In both cases, you have hidden storage that only those who live with you, and your closest friends, will know is there because it is not usually noticeable.

Tables with built-in storage

Specifically, we are referring to tables with shelves or drawers where you can store some small items.

As mentioned before, coffee tables or side tables would also allow for this to maintain order in your home.

Decorative boxes

Another option for hidden storage on a budget is to use decorative boxes. They will look aesthetically pleasing, but inside you can store small (or large) items, keeping them hidden from view and creating a more organized space.

When you need them, you can take them out; but in the meantime, they stay there so they don’t visually clutter the space.

And when we say decorative boxes, we also mean wicker baskets to give a more natural touch to your home, or similar items. All of them will be useful for hiding things that don’t need to be in plain sight.

Underbed storage

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The space under the bed is often used for storage. In fact, it can be turned into a large drawer that is accessible by lifting the mattress when needed. Another option, if you prefer, is to use storage boxes with wheels to slide under the bed and store seasonal clothes, shoes, or even personal items that you don’t need frequently. This helps keep your bedroom tidy and free from visible clutter.

However, you should keep in mind that they become a source of dust, as it tends to accumulate right underneath and among the storage boxes or drawers you use, and over time, you will need to clean them thoroughly.

Storage furniture

Finally, as it may seem obvious, we also recommend storage furniture. That is, furniture specifically designed to house other objects. These can be bookshelves, furniture with drawers or doors and shelves inside, wardrobes…

While you can’t fill the entire house with these, because it would look more like a warehouse than a home, they are very useful and essential for keeping your things organized.

As you can see, hidden storage can be a way to achieve greater organization in your home. It also helps reduce the over-decorated look in a room. Have you ever considered opting for this option?

Source: MiMub in Spanish

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