How to create different atmospheres in your living room to make the most of it

We are increasingly giving more importance to the design and layout of our living room, that central space in the home where we spend a great deal of time and welcome our loved ones. As we seek to expand this environment, even integrating it with other areas like the kitchen, it is crucial to know how to delineate different zones within the same space and optimize the passageways.

According to the interior design experts at BANNI, a renowned high-quality furniture company in Spain, it is essential to create diverse environments within a spacious living room to achieve a cozy and functional atmosphere that meets our daily needs.

Before starting to design these environments, it is important to consider some key points:

“We recommend using the same model of rug in each environment, but varying the shape. For example, if we choose a rectangular rug in the sofa area, we could choose a round one for the reading area,” suggest the interior designers at BANNI.

“It is important to limit the use of noble materials to three or four in the same space to avoid overloading it with multiple finishes, which could visually saturate the environment,” advise the experts at BANNI.

In summary, maintaining coherence in the decoration, materials, and colors throughout the living room, regardless of the different environments created, is essential to achieve a harmonious and balanced space.

4 tips for creating different environments

Zone for resting or watching TV

How to create different environments in your living room to make the most of it 3

“To create a cozy atmosphere in the TV area, we always advise our clients to opt for an L-shaped sofa to distinguish that space from the rest of the living room.” – states Ángela del Saz, interior designer at BANNI.

“Another option could be to place armchairs or stools that define that area to make it more protected and invite our guests to a more social environment where moments can be shared. We suggest that the armchairs be swivel chairs as they create a more dynamic space and at the same time can be integrated into the adjacent space.” – suggests the interior designer at BANNI.

“Modular sofas can also be a good option, as we can combine them according to our current needs.” – affirms the interior designer at BANNI.

“Regarding the TV, we suggest using suspended TV furniture to make that area lighter and maintain a balance with respect to the sofa area.” – concludes the interior designer at BANNI.

Dining area

How to create different environments in your living room to make the most of it 4

The dining area is another key area within the living room, and the interior designers at BANNI advise us to opt for round tables over rectangular ones to break the straight lines of the resting area and make it cozier. “Another tip is always to accompany the dining table with armchairs to make the after-meal much more comfortable, but with curved shapes to avoid it being visually heavy.” – explains the interior designer at BANNI.

Library or reading area

How to create different environments in your living room to make the most of it 5

One of the environments that the experts at BANNI recommend creating in the living room area is a small reading area with a bookcase and an armchair with its pouf.

“At BANNI, we offer modular bookcases with the Selecta System from Lema, which allows us to design a space to combine both books and sculptures.” – recommends Ángela del Saz, interior designer at BANNI.

“We always recommend including integrated yellow LED lighting inside the bookcase to offer a warm and relaxing atmosphere that invites reading and provides a beautiful view of the sculptures and books in the living room.” – states the interior designer at BANNI.

“A reading space could be created in front of the bookcase either with a pair of armchairs or with one and an ottoman like the iconic Metropolitan mod armchair from B&B.” – recommends Ángela de Vas, interior designer at BANNI.

Passageway area

How to create different environments in your living room to make the most of it 6

In the words of the interior designers at BANNI: “Many times we forget the passageways or ‘dead’ areas when we set out to decorate the living room.” In a project they did in Costa Brava, they utilized the passageway between the sofa area and the dining area with a custom-made desk attached to the wall and several cabinets that function as a versatile area for using the computer, telecommuting, or even reading, in addition to storage.

via: MiMub in Spanish

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