How to get an organized closet

Keeping a tidy wardrobe looks like an odyssey. You can actually achieve it. But in a matter of days, or hours, you’ll be back to chaos in your bedroom and you’ll have to organize it again. But, what if we give you a hand to achieve an organized wardrobe?

Take a look at the tips we offer to achieve a functional, clean, and orderly space. You’ll see that it’s very possible. Shall we begin?

Inappropriate hangers

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Did you know that the hangers we often use for wardrobes are not the best? Well, yes. Many times we think that multiple hangers are the solution to have more space in the wardrobe. But the truth is that they are uncomfortable. And a lot.

For starters, accessing them to get skirts or pants can cause all the clothes to end up falling. And you’ll have to pick up everything every time. In addition, the weight causes the wardrobe bar to wear out and deform, so you may have to replace it sooner than later.

It’s better to use individual hangers to achieve orderly clothing and, above all, so you can grab what you want without disturbing the organization of the rest.

Unused clothing, out of the wardrobe

We tend to keep those clothes that you don’t use, that have become too small, to which you think to give them another chance… without realizing that they are taking up space.

Be careful, we don’t mean that you have to throw them away. You could always store them in a box or similar and not in the wardrobe. If you really are going to use them, at the right time you can reach the box and take them. But from experience, we tell you that those clothes are usually not used and only accumulate.

If you really want to give them a use, sell them or donate them. There will be time to buy more clothes if you need them.

Don’t make impulsive purchases

If you want to have an organized wardrobe, make sure not to succumb to impulsive purchases. And the best way to do this is by keeping a list of the clothing in your wardrobe. Do you have three black pants? Don’t buy another one, no matter how “cute” it is or how cheap it is. Only if one of those pants (or several) is already worn out, you can replace them. But not before.

The same applies to any other garment: skirts, sweaters, t-shirts, blouses, shirts…

Also, we recommend that you always see how you can combine that clothing with what you already have at home to know if you will really use it or not.

Don’t accumulate, less is more

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One of the main rules for an organized wardrobe is to avoid excessive accumulation of clothing. Having forty sweaters and living in an area where the average temperature is 18ºC doesn’t make sense. So, try to prioritize quality over quantity, choosing clothes that adapt to your lifestyle and the climate of your location.

Choose clothing wisely

You must be aware that not all fashion trends are universal, and if you want an organized wardrobe, you shouldn’t fill it with clothes of colors, shapes, or designs that, when you wear them, don’t make you feel comfortable or that you won’t actually use.

Yes, the trends are there. But you have to choose clothing according to how it fits your body shape, your skin tone… That’s where you’ll really notice that it flatters you. And that’s why your wardrobe should be full of clothes that dress you and give you style, not temporary fashion.

Control the space

Or rather: organize the space. Try to establish an order when it comes to knowing how to manage the space of your organized wardrobe. It will not only help you know what you have according to what you’re looking for (pants, t-shirts, blouses…) but it will also allow you to maintain better order.

Discard damaged and worn-out clothing

With use and the passage of time, it is common for clothing to deteriorate and wear out. And even if you are very attached to it, you will have to let it go so that another garment can take its place. So, if you start to notice pilling, color fading, or if it doesn’t look “like new”, perhaps it’s time to get rid of it (or give it another use) and buy a new one (if you are really going to use it).

Use walls and doors to your advantage

There are times when the wardrobe can become small, even when it’s well organized. In those cases, we recommend that you also use the walls and doors to get more. For example, you can hang accessories, purses, ties… It will take up extra space and you’ll get more.

In short, keeping an organized wardrobe is not just about folding and arranging clothes, but also about using your head to know which elements to use to keep your clothes organized, what clothing to have, and how to make the space functional. Can you think of more tips to achieve it?

Source: MiMub in Spanish

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