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The pandemic brought significant changes, some of which are still very present such as telecommuting, virtual meetings, or the use of spaces that were previously not used at all. According to a study conducted by the company Velux, the so-called Indoor Generation spends more than 90% of their time indoors, which translates to only three hours in open spaces.

In this situation, it is important to create environments that integrate smart devices but without losing sight of the aesthetic side. In this sense, the company ADT offers us 5 tips that allow us to integrate security systems into the home without sacrificing elegance.

Let’s see what these tips are that will allow us to integrate smart devices in a more harmonious way:

– Aim for minimalist design and strategic placement: Choose the location of security cameras and motion sensors carefully so that they do not disrupt the harmony of the home. They can be discreetly installed in corners, ceilings, or hallways, decorating the environment in a way that integrates perfectly with the interior design.

– Choose devices for easy and convenient installation: These devices should seamlessly integrate into the home’s aesthetics. Plug-and-play designs that only require placing the sensors and devices in strategic locations and connecting them. Implement a smart home system that centralizes security control. These systems allow you to manage alarms, cameras, and sensors from a single device, such as a smartphone or a discreet central panel.

– Use lighting to deter intruders and create pleasant environments: Opt for smart lights that illuminate outdoor or indoor areas at specific times. In addition to creating a pleasant environment, lights can help deter potential intruders or visualize and alert of any unusual movement.

– Integrate devices into space and daily life: Improving harmony in the home is vital. For example, the ADT Smart Security smart panel also serves as a digital photo frame. With this additional functionality, the family can store their most precious memories and have them present at all times as they are perfectly integrated into the home’s aesthetics.

– Add “dual-use” objects to the decor: For example, strategically placed mirrors can serve not only their traditional function but also as display screens to monitor strategic points of the home without altering the aesthetics.

“The security of the home doesn’t have to be boring… with a little creativity, we can create harmonious and elegant spaces without losing sight of the protection our customers seek. There are many ways to create a secure and attractive home! We will take care of the technology and offer the peace of mind they are looking for, taking care of their loved ones 24 hours a day,” commented José González Osma, general director of ADT.

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