Ideas for making pallet furniture

Do you want to save money on furniture but don’t know how? Then, pallet furniture may be the solution you are looking for. More and more people are looking for tutorials and guides to build them, and their price is quite economical.

But, what can you build with pallets? Are pallet furniture only for outdoors? Here we are going to give you the keys to inspire you to create your own pallet furniture and enjoy them for a long time for little money. Shall we begin?

Advantages of using pallets

industrial pallet

When building pallet furniture, the goal is not only to make them cheap, but also to obtain other advantages. For example:


In terms of recycling and reusing materials that would otherwise not have a great future use. This way, you will be saving because you are giving them a new life and not wasting anything. On the contrary, it is easier to take care of the planet and contribute to reducing the waste generated.

Versatility and creativity

Because pallets, although you may not believe it at first, can actually be adapted to various styles and uses. This is something that is not always considered, but they can be built in different ways and can be used for many purposes, not just as pallet furniture, but also as decorative accessories.

And since they can be customized according to your needs or preferences, you can adapt them to any decor you have at home. You just need to be a bit imaginative in that sense.

Economy and accessibility

Lastly, you should know that pallets are one of the most economical materials available (although we must admit that, as they have been in demand for a few years, their price has increased). This means that, with a bit of imagination and work, you could build furniture that will be much cheaper than store-bought ones (and not necessarily have a lower quality finish).

What to consider when making pallet furniture

stack of pallets

When starting any pallet furniture project, it is important to know the previous steps to prepare the materials you will need. And the main one of all is the pallets. But not just any will do. In reality, you must consider the following:

  • Check that the pallets are not broken, splintered, or damaged. Make sure the boards are intact.
  • Know the origin of those pallets. Because it may be the case that they have transported hazardous chemicals, and although it may not seem like a problem at first, issues can arise. How to know? In general, you should look for pallets with the HT (Heat Treated) mark or similar to make sure.
  • Opt for dry pallets. And that are well stored. This way you will prevent mold from easily forming because they have been wet several times.
  • When building pallet furniture you must choose between two types: hardwood, which are resistant and durable and ideal for furniture that will bear weight; and softwood, which are easier to work with and focus more on decorative accessories.
  • Along with the pallets, you will need a set of tools such as sanders, saws, hammers, drills, nails, paint, glue…
  • Always, when working with pallets, you must apply a treatment against pests to ensure they will be free of insects and unwanted bugs.

Ideas for making pallet furniture

furniture made with pallets

Among the many pallet furniture pieces you can make, we will give you some ideas to make them a reality.

The first one is a pallet table, a fairly simple and practical project.

For this, you will need two wooden pallets, four swivel wheels (if you want it mobile), paint or varnish, screws, and putty (optional).

You will also need a sander, a saw, a drill, hammer, screwdriver, paint roller, and a tape measure and square.

Now, you will have to start by disassembling the pallets and removing any staples and nails. Sand all the boards and it will be ready to assemble the structure (meaning, remake the pallets, but here you can customize them). This will start with the base, placing one pallet on top of the other to make the table. Use screws to fasten them together.

Finally, add the wheels if you want and all that’s left is to paint it.

Another pallet furniture piece you can create is a garden sofa. In this case, you will need three wooden pallets, paint, screws, and the same tools we mentioned before.

The first step, just like in the previous one, will be to disassemble the pallet to be able to sand it all completely. Then, you have to place two of the pallets next to each other, which will be the seats. Secure them so they do not separate with screws. Next, place the third pallet vertically behind the two base pallets and align it to be the backrest. Secure it with screws and all that’s left is to paint it or add foam and fabric to turn it into a sofa for your garden.

As you can see, making pallet furniture is not so difficult. And besides giving them a second life, you will be saving money. Would you be willing to make them?

Source: MiMub in Spanish

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