Ideas for original living room wall decoration.

The living room is one of the main rooms in a house. It is where the members of the household gather, but also family and friends. So, how about we give you some ideas for original living room wall decor?

We know that living rooms have at least two walls if they are open concept, three if they are semi-open, and four if they are closed. But what to do with those walls beyond filling them with paintings or furniture? Here are some interesting ideas for you. Take note.

Paint an accent wall

Let’s start with a resource that interior designers use a lot. It’s about painting only one of the walls with a color different from the rest to make it stand out. It is one of the original living room wall decor ideas we propose because the result is quite striking.

For example, imagine you have a living room that you want to paint in a light yellow tone. However, one of the walls, especially the most important one, instead of that muted tone, you can use a stronger yellow. It will stand out, yes, but the result is very good.

A little trick to know if it will combine well or not is to choose one or two shades above the main color of the other walls.

Of course, you’re not going to paint them all in that tone, just one, which will be where the most attention is paid (the area where the television, fireplace, etc., are).

Use vinyls

living room with vinyls

Instead of paintings, it is increasingly common to use vinyls to decorate walls. Specifically for original living room wall decor, it is best to use large vinyls, as long as the wall is, of course. But with one, in the center, you can give complete decoration to that area.

Another option is to use smaller vinyls, as if you were creating a small scene with them that complements each other.

Mural shelving

Another idea that we have for original living room wall decor is to use shelving. But be careful, not a normal one, but one with a different design. For example, a round shelf where the shelves are slightly curved, with enough inclination so they don’t look straight, and play a little with the angles. In addition, intricate doors could be added with a design so that, when closed, it looks like a motif that matches the colors of the objects stored inside.

And when opened, those doors can decorate the same wall with that floral or patterned design.


While we mentioned earlier that one way to decorate an original living room wall was to paint it a different color, now we go a step further, and that is to use wallpaper to make it stand out even more.

You can opt for more traditional wallpaper decorations or for other slightly more original ones, such as using paper that mimics wood slats, stone, brick…

A mirror

One of the common accessories in homes is mirrors, although not so much in living rooms. However, when they are small, placing a mirror as part of the original living room wall decor can be a good choice because the sunlight will shine on the glass and visually make it appear larger than it actually is.

In fact, it is one of the tricks of interior designers to achieve more spaciousness and it is something that can be used in living rooms, hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms…


living room with plants

Specifically, we suggest you install a vertical garden. In addition to having something green in your living room, you will also enjoy taking care of living beings.

Before you discard it, be aware that vertical gardens do not have to be difficult to care for, or install. And much less, if done right, it will not cause the house to be affected by dampness or mold. You just have to research how to install it properly to avoid those problems.

Another option in case you don’t want a vertical garden is to place some shelves and put pots all over the wall so that you create an ecosystem inside your living room. However, in this case, while it can be on the main wall, it looks much better if you do it on a secondary one because this way you avoid the attention always going to this point and you have it more as a resource, not as the main focus. But it can be interesting as part of the original living room wall decor, even combining the rest of the walls with touches of plants.

As you can see, there are many options for original living room wall decor. Would you dare to try any of them? Can you think of another way to make the living room stand out? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Source: MiMub in Spanish

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