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Are you looking for new trends to use in your kitchen decor? Then, kitsch style may be your best ally! This style, characterized by the use of ornamental and colorful elements, is ideal for those who like to give a different and original touch to their spaces.

This style focuses on the past, but incorporates modern elements which in combination creates fantasy and fun adapts bright colors and extravagant patterns unexpected details making it something totally different and full of personality.

Decorating in kitsch style has no specific rules or limitations, you just have to let your creativity soar by mixing and matching different elements to create a space that reflects your unique style and taste. In this article, we will explain what kitsch decor is, how it can be incorporated into the kitchen, and the advantages of using it to create a unique and vibrant atmosphere.

What is kitsch decor?

Kitsch decor: What is it and how to incorporate it into the kitchen? 1

Kitsch decor is a style that emerged in the 1960s and is based on the use of everyday objects, usually with a humorous or ironic connotation, combined with traditional elements such as vintage and retro styles.

It is characterized by displaying a wide variety of colors, with predominant tones of pink, blue, green, yellow, and white. Additionally, kitsch is also characterized by the presence of objects of various natures, such as toys, vases, plates, lace, paintings, and prints.

This style is often considered the antithesis of modern design, which values minimalism and the use of neutral tones.
However, kitsch lovers believe that its decorative style better reflects their personality, while allowing them to add a fun and unusual touch to their homes.

Why should you incorporate kitsch decor into your kitchen?

The kitchen is a space in the home where many kitsch enthusiasts prioritize creating a unique and playful atmosphere. In these cases, great attention is paid to the selection of colors, motifs, and shapes, as well as the combination of different elements. Kitsch decor can help you create a cozy, inviting, and bright environment, as well as bring a touch of fun and originality.

In addition to being visually appealing, this style can also be a good way to save money. The foundation of this decorative style is the use of everyday elements, so you can create an environment with all the decorative characteristics without making a big investment.

How to incorporate kitsch decor into your kitchen?

Kitsch style uses many strong colors in decoration.

To incorporate decor into your kitchen, it is first necessary to define the theme and style you want to follow. Some may opt for a 1960s-style kitchen, while others may prefer a more vintage-oriented decor.

Whatever theme you choose, you should try to create a harmonious and fun environment by mixing different objects and colors.

Some ideas for incorporating kitsch into your kitchen include:

Dinnerware and kitchen utensils

In a kitchen with kitsch decor, the dinnerware and kitchen utensils can take center stage. Choose colorful plates, cups, silverware, and glasses, as well as equally colorful and fun kitchen utensils. Incorporate checkered, polka dot, and animal or floral patterned designs on plates and bowls, as well as printed aprons and other kitchen items.


Kitsch style allows you to play with furniture of different styles and eras. Keep in mind that to make the furniture stand out and make an impact, it is best to choose something with a very specific style and color. A great idea is to paint cabinets with characteristic colors of this style, such as bright pink, turquoise, or yellow.

Wall decorations

One of the best ways to add a kitsch touch to your kitchen is by adding various ornaments and decorations to the walls. Paintings, photographs, frames, mirrors, and posters are commonly used in kitsch decor. Look for vibrant and contrasting colors, as well as symbols, drawings, and funny phrases or expressions.

Tips for incorporating kitsch decor in your kitchen

Kitsch decor: What is it and how to incorporate it into the kitchen? 2
  • When incorporating kitsch decor into your kitchen, make sure all pieces reflect the style you have chosen.
  • Mix and match pieces from different eras and styles to achieve a more eclectic look.
  • You can add decorative elements like vintage signs, funny photos, or even old games or devices.

    To achieve a harmonious arrangement, use bright and bold colors to decorate and create a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere, and add the finishing touches with objects of varying shapes and sizes.

Final words…

Kitsch decor is a great style for those who want to give their kitchen a unique and vibrant touch. This style allows you to play with colors, shapes, and objects of different natures, giving you the freedom to let your personality shine.

To incorporate decor into your kitchen, look for kitchen objects, furniture, and wall decorations that reflect the style you want to achieve and that you can customize to match the rest of the decor. In the end, the kitchen is a place where we should be creative and enjoy, so it’s ideal to have all the brightness and color to elevate the vibe.

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