Minimalistic apartment with a fresh and cozy design

When the owners of this loft asked for a minimalistic, modern and fresh interior design to Rado Rick Designers, they had a really clear idea in mind. The vision of the designers influenced a lot the amazing result of this loft.

This apartment located in Bratislava, Slovakia  has an open design, as the owners wanted. To get this, the designers had to get reed of all the walls that separated the kitchen and the living-room.

The living-room is really modern, it has white floors and simple but beautiful light accessories. I personally love the modular furniture and how they combine white with grey and black blocks.

A thick and soft rug gives warm to the space. The coffee table contrast with the decoration. The light reflects on the floor making the space brighter. The elegant and iconic chair of the living-room complements the area perfectly.

The TV bracket is really interesting. Long, thin and placed in the wall. I particularly love it.

apartment1 apartment2 apartment3 apartment4 apartment5 apartment6 apartment7 apartment8 apartment9 apartment10

Via: Arquitectura Ideal

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