Original planter ideas you can make yourself

Summer is always synonymous with plants. It is the time when gardens are adorned, and whether there are plants in the ground or in pots, we like to attract attention. Therefore, in the latter case, why not go for original pots?

Discover some ideas that we leave you to make your pots stand out as much as the plants they contain. Want to know how? Let’s get started.

Ideas to create original pots: Get creative!

group of pots

Original pots are not so difficult to make. While in stores they may cost you more than a simple one. But what if you transform that simple one into a special one? That’s what we propose. And before you think it will be a lot of work, or that you won’t have the creativity to achieve it, you should know that it won’t be like that. You’ll see.

Turn a pot into a doll

Let’s start with something easy. Making original pots that simulate dolls. For this, you have several options to choose from. You will see:

  • You can paint the pot a basic color: red, yellow, green, blue… The goal is that, once you have the base, you dedicate yourself to making a face on it, such as eyes, nose, mouth… This way, it will simulate the head of a doll. Then, if the plant you put in it is hanging, it will simulate the hair, and it will have cost you very little because it only requires colorful paint and a black liner to give it more depth.
  • You can glue some ropes to the pot with toilet paper rolls simulating the hands and feet of a doll. If you don’t like the option of toilet paper, you can opt for a cardboard of more or less hardness (if you don’t have one, glue several cardboard pieces together with the same shape and it will give it that consistency), and glue it to the end of the rope you use. That way you can have a doll. You can think that the pot is the body and the plant is the head.

They are some of the most used original pots, and although they may give you more trouble (choosing colors, painting properly, getting the rope to stick well…) it will hardly take any time.

Painting original pots

Another option you have to create original pots is to paint them yourself. But it doesn’t mean you have to paint them and that’s it. You can always search the Internet for different ways to paint: with spray, sponge, brush, creating a gradient… Don’t be afraid to try, because you can always go back to square one and try again.

Yes, opt for paint that is resistant to the sun, as pots are usually left outdoors and exposed to the elements (unless they are indoor plants).

As for designs, there is plenty to choose from: a solid color and then paint circles with another color. Paint a base and then place a grid and paint over it with another color to create a curious effect. Divide the pot in two, each one a different color…

Adding accessories to the pot

We continue with more ideas for original pots. And in this case, we have come up with a very simple one. In fact, you have probably seen this type of pots in stores. It involves painting the pot and adding some eyes, mouth, and a small nose. And, over the eyes, some glasses. But the glasses are “tangible,” not painted.

To do this, you must choose some that you can stick to the pot so that it looks like it needs glasses. The result is quite curious and eye-catching. So if you have old glasses that you no longer use or want, you could give them a new use. Just remember to remove the lenses. First, so that they don’t cause a fire, and second, so they don’t break outside and harm you.

And whoever says glasses, says other elements too.

Add volume

black pots with raised relief

The last idea we leave you for making original pots is this one. It involves gluing different shapes all around the pot. For example, with plasticine, place some wavy lines along the pot. Paint these with white glue to harden them, and when you see that they stay that way, paint the whole pot in one color.

If you anticipate it, you will have a pot with relief, and it won’t have cost you much to achieve it. A tip: if the plasticine doesn’t stick to the pot, use glue to fix it. Glue works very well and shouldn’t come off afterwards.

You should be careful with water and also with the sun, as they could cause the plasticine to fall off over time. But if you have it indoors, nothing should happen. And before you ask, no, it won’t be noticeable that it’s made that way. In fact, instead of plasticine, you could use other elements like napkins or newspaper. The trick is to apply glue to harden it before painting.

There are many more ideas for original pots, all you have to do is take a look on the Internet to get inspired. Once you start, you’re sure to come up with more ideas to create pots that everyone will envy. Do you leave us any ideas in the comments?

via: MiMub in Spanish

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